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  1. nsrooen

    For Sale Brewery Pumps

    POST UPDATED - Chugger SOLD March still available. Current Location - Westminster, Colorado March = $150 Cord is 7' long (spliced - soldered and wrapped with shrink tubing.) From what I can tell the March pump (1/8 HP is oversized for my needs) is a version of this one...
  2. Golddiggie

    For Sale Two stainless steel Chugger/March pump heads (center inlet)

    I've changed over to TC connection pump heads, so no longer need the NPT heads I was using. These will ship as shown in the picture. Complete with QD fittings unless you tell me you don't want those. Valves on the outlet are 3 piece stainless. As it sits, there were no leaks last time I used it...
  3. B

    Chugger Pumps - SS Head Center Inlet

    I've got a couple Chugger pumps ready for service in your Brewery. One is the X-Dry model (which means it has run dry protection) and the other is standard model, both are SS Heads with Center Inlet. Both pumps come wired with 15 amp twist lock plugs. Asking $110 (shipped) for the X-Dry model...
  4. J

    Chugger cup magnet won't turn without manual assist

    I have oiled it with SAE-20 as well as went through all suggested maintenance I found online. Finally isolated it to this issue. Here is a video showing what is happening:
  5. FloppyKnockers

    How loud is your wort pump?

    I was gifted my first chugger pump a little while ago that spawned and grew to a whole makeover of my chilling equipment. I went from a 25' coil immersion chiller to a Northern Brewer SS counterflow chiller. I got some silicone hoses, a new port on my kettle for recirculating, a thermometer, and...
  6. R

    Appropriate Pump

    Would this be a fairly good pump for recirculating with Mash and Boil, and also possibly recirculating during cool down?
  7. ThunderKhajiit

    10 gal all grain equipment- keggle, mash tun, fermentors, pump, cfc

    SF south bay area/monterey bay. Keggle with valve-$40 Inverted rubber-coated keg mash tun, with standard dome false bottom-$50 1/2bbl keg used as fermenter for 10gal batches- $30 1/4bbl keg used as fermenter for 5 gal batches- $30 Ball lock tri-clover adapter, used to convert kegs to...
  8. brucebeernut

    Texas Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer

    Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer $1,200 FOR EVERYTHING Brewing 1 16Gal Stainless Brew Kettle - Bayou Classic 1316 Tri-Ply Stockpot w/lid $ 95.00 Bottom port w/3-piece Stainless Ball Valve - Silver Soldered, 1/2in Male NPT...
  9. SmokeyRydr

    Li'll Red Pump Box Build

    Here's my first pump-box build: Li'll Red! I was inspired by so many here. Thanks for everyone's other build posts and ideas. Now I just need to clean the outside (the damn sticker goo) and add some paint details (switch labels, pump descriptions, etc.) Features: Portable/self-contained GFI...
  10. coolitfast

    Chugger pump noise fix

    Over the years we have had a lot of people with older model Chugger pumps ask why it suddenly started making noise. We put together a video showing the best way we know how to temporarily repair the pump and get your sanity back! In our experience each fix should last between 8 - 12 brews...
  11. jmpreiks

    Chugger Classic Polysulfone pump for $64.95 with Free Shipping

    The Chugger Classic pump with a polysulfone head is on sale for $64.95 direct from the manufacturer, with free shipping. That's in the same price range as the much weaker Mark II pumps.
  12. d3track

    Minnesota FS Chugger Pump

    Selling my Chugger pump as I have made some changes to my brew system. I do have an extra O-ring for it as well. Asking $65 - local pickup in the Minneapolis area preferred, or buyer pays shipping.
  13. Zenmeister

    Chugger Pump Screws too tight.

    I just got my spike brewing setup and the last thing I am doing is taking the screws out of the Chugger heads and rotating them. They are extremely tight, but I loosened six of the screws on two pumps. Two of the screws on one of the pumps are frozen tho, and won't loosen, and the screw's...
  14. serum67

    California Chugger Pump (Stainless) - NEW - $75 Shipped!

    Brand new, never used SS Chugger pump. BNIB. $75 Shipped! (US Only).
  15. MX1

    Colorado Last few items to sell

    My other thread was getting a bit confusing for me to keep up with..... here are the last few items for sale. eBoil kettle drilled for element w/ sight glass and thermo well - (element not included) $250 plus actual shipping Poly Chugger pump with 2 piece ball valve $75 plus actual shipping...