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Apr 3, 2009
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The BrewFest at Mount Hope Homebrew Competition is an AHA/BJCP Sanctioned Homebrew Competition that is open to the following BJCP styles 1-16 & 18-22 with the exception of 22C (Wood-Aged Beer). The 2008 edition of the BJCP Style Guidelines will be used to judge entries. It is the brewer's responsibility to determine the correct category/subcategory to enter their beers, and to provide additional information where required. Depending on the number of entries and category distribution, categories and subcategories may be combined or separated for judging and awards purposes. These judging table breakdowns will not be available prior to the competition and will be determined by the competition committee once all the entries have been processed.

Awards will be given to the top three entries of each flight as well as Best of Show. Best of Show first place winner gets to work with the BrewMaster from Swashbuckler Brewing Company and their recipe will be brewed at the Swashbuckler Brewing Company and sampled at the 2010 BrewFest at Mount Hope. This honor also makes the winner eligible to enter in the Pro-Am category at the GABF.

Bottle Entry specifications: Two (2) bottles are required. Bottles may be any color, up to 16 oz. Grolsh-style (swing top) bottles will not be accepted. All bottles must be unmarked and unlabelled. Any identifying marks may render the entry ineligible! Entries become the property of Mount Hope Estate and will not be returned. Along with the entries the following must be included: BJCP entry form, found at Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) (the direct link is Each bottle must have a filled out Bottle ID form attached, MUST BE ATTACHED BY RUBBER BAND NO GLUE, TAPE OR OTHER ADHESIVE. Bottle ID form can be found at Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) (the direct link is

For online registration and more info please visit Homebrewers Competition.

Entry period: March 30 through May 2, 2009
Entry fee: $5.00 per brew entry (checks should be made out to Mount Hope Estate)

Entries may be mailed to:
BrewFest at Mount Hope Homebrew Competition
Attn: Teresa Centini
2775 Lebanon Road
Manheim, PA 17545

Drop Off Locations:
Mount Hope Carriage Wine Shop
2775 Lebanon Road
Manheim, PA 17545