Brew Rig - Crooked Rooster1 BBL Brew Cart

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Stepped up my game from 5 gallon BIAB to full 1 bbl 3V system. Still dialing it in. Bought 2nd hand from Colorado brewery. Brew for friends and myself now. One day hope to open nano.
Boiling Equipment: 45 gallon stainless HLT, MT, Boil Kettle. Has PID and oxygenation system.
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: 1 bbl stout conicals with freezers and temp control
Wort Chillers: Dudadiesel 40 plate
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: Chugger pumps, 1/2" silcone
Measuring, Testing,& Stirring Devices: Hydrometer, dog, friends and family
Cleansers and Sanitizers: PBW & Starsan