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Sold Price Reduced - Single Tier, 3 Vessel RIMS, Propane Brewing System - San Diego, CA

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Mar 3, 2020
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Asking: $600

Up for sale is my single tier, 3 vessel, brutus style propane brewing system. There is a high-pressure LPG regulator with 3 burners although I rarely used the mash burner. All keggles have pull-through silver-soldered bulkheads from brewhardware.com. The keggles have a liquid pickups and temperature/sight glass bulkheads installed and the boil keggle has an additional recirculation port. The March 815 pump is connected to an outdoor switch enclosure. Also included is a 120v stout tanks RIMS tube with an Inkbird PID controller. I’ve brewed countless batches on this system and have fit 25 lbs of grain for to 11 finished gallons in the fermenter. I prefer to sell all together but if don’t get any interest I might be willing to part out.
  • Camlock fittings throughout
  • Silver soldered bulkheads from Brewhardware
  • HLT and Boil keggles have sight glasses
  • Brewhardware spincycle shorty in boil keggle
  • Domed false bottom in mash tun
  • Loc-line for mash recirculation
  • RIMS tube from Stout tanks link
  • 120V Inkbird PID controller
  • March 815-PL pump
Located in Vista, CA


  • boil kettle 2.jpg
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  • March pump.jpg
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