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Trying to brew on a budget has always been a goal of mine. But after 5 years of cutting corners I was looking to upgrade my brew rig, slightly. I built a three tiered gravity feed system on wheels, however after the build I invested in a plate chiller and pump to help with aeration, utilizing the venturi effect, and chilling.
The system is able to handle anywhere from 5-15 gallon batches with the right grain bill. It is mostly used for 5 gallons because of my single 6.5 gallon SS technologies brew bucket. With some basic wood working skills and cheap buys I have all I would ever need to brew the beer that I want. I have finally finished my rig... for now.

Boiling Equipment: 15.5 gallon used Keggle with stainless pick up tube and sight glass. Standard Coleman cooler for mash tun. 7.5 gallon HLT for gravity fly sparge. Two burners
Beer Bottling Gear: Keg
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: SS technologies Brew Bucket in a 5.5 cubic foot temp controlled fermentation chamber
Wort Chillers: 20 plate Duda Diesel chiller
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: One March pump for chilling, aeration, and transferring all recently upgraded to quick release cam-lock fitting and silicone lines
Yeast Equipment: 2000ml Flask with stir plate
Cleansers and Sanitizers: Star San