Bottling a lager

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Jun 14, 2009
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Birmingham, AL
Just need some reassurance. I'm bottling my first lager soon, it's still lagering at 32F right now. I pitched cold and fermented at 50F. I did not do a diacetyl rest (after tasting, no need) so maybe it got up to 55F when I transferred to the lagering vessel. For my priming sugar calcs, I'm thinking I should pull the beer out of the fridge and let it get to room temp - say overnight - just so I can have a good temp baseline, it would release CO2 as it warmed. I would obviously be storing the bottles at room temp while it carbs. There isn't any sense in bottling right out of the fridge and using 50 or 55 (assuming it wouldn't warm up past this while bottling) as my temp is there? I'm assuming it still has the 50 or 55 degree amount of CO2 in solution still.
One of these days I'll keg and this will be moot, maybe I'll invest in a spunding valve too, but for now I'm bottling.