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river rat

Feb 28, 2005
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I am looking for a white ale that I remember someone ranting and raving about. They said it was their favorite brew ever. Anyone?
You're probably thinking of either Hoegaarden or Celis. Both excellent wit beers. I was surprised....Blue Moon is actually a decent wit, but is too sweet for my tastes.

who ownes blue moon? is it coors? the belgian whit i bought by blue moon, reminded me of coors golden with some spices.

i am not one for the spiced beer though, give me bitter bitter hops :)
I have a buddy that LOVES blue moon, but makes a face if I order something good like Stone or Victory Hop Devil. I really think he just like the orange slice in the beer.... Anyway, I want to get him a 6 pack of a wheat beer that is pretty good. I am not a fan of wheat beers, so I don't know what's good in that category. I'm looking for a "if he likes Blue Moon, he'll love..." Any suggestions?
I went with Ommegang Witte. I can't imagine he won't like it.
I like the Blue Moon, and remember having Celis from Michigan Brewing Company and thought it was the best. Still need to try some more.

Celis himself is supposedly working with someone else on a new formula. I believe he thinks the MBC is not making Celis to his standards. Not sure how that is all working out, but I like the MBC Celis. They have a stronger version too,k that is fabulous. I really need to get me some more of that.