Black Currant Gose—syrup question

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Feb 11, 2023
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Roswell, GA
I am brewing, a kettle soured Gose. I am planning on using a D. Arbo syrup for the fruit. I’m looking for some guidance on when to add the syrup and how to tell what effect it will have on the a BV depending on when it is added.


Thanks in advance for any advice and guidance! By the way, I absolutely love this company and product for syrups.
You can add it anytime before packaging, as long as you give it time to ferment out.

Regarding the impact to ABV, there are fairly complicated formulae that would get that, but here's one simpler way that will get you fairly close:

You know from the label that there are 31 grams of sugar per 40 ml of syrup. After you determine how much syrup (in ml) you are going to add, divide that by 40 ml and multiply the result by 31. That will give you the total grams of sugar you will be adding. Convert the grams to pounds, then figure about 1.44% ABV added per pound of sugar.

A more accurate answer would account for the fact that you are also increasing the total volume of the beer.
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