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May 30, 2007
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Jenison, MI
I wanted to tell you all about this but I have not had time until now.
This past Saturday a good friend of mine was in town for Guard Duty and he wanted to check out the new beer bar downtown. So I met him and some of his Army buddies there.
When the server (she did not like it when we called her a waitress) came to take our orders one of the Army guys says that he wanted something fruity and light like Oberon. So she picked something out that was going to be close to it for him. He then said "oh, and put some fruit in it. Like an orange wedge". The look on her face was priceless. It was like he just insulted her family.
She brought him his beer with the orange wedge and said "if I could have founds an umbrella I would have added that for you also". She then left for a few minutes and when she returned she asked us "so how much grief do you want me to give him for the fruit"? We all said "a lot". She then handed him and Tampon and said "Here I though that this would go good with your fruit".
I laughed so hard and she made over $100 just in tips from us that night.

Just thought I would share.