Basic electric burner

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May 7, 2014
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Alright, I think I'll post again.

The very top is the controller that I think that I need to build.

The above link has some good info where I can get the controller, temp sensor, and probe.

Bobby M if you have the basic stuff that I need here to get rolling that would be great. You don't happen to have a list already put together do you?

I'm thinking with a pump and all of the fittings I'm going to around $200. Another $250 for the panel and roughly $50 for the element. $100 for the 20 gallon kettle on Ebay. I'm not sure how much a false bottom would cost.

In total I'm going to be around $650-$700 or maybe $750 including the new bag from Wilser.

This set up is how I think I'm going to go.

Now if I could get a 5500 watt 220 volt with a pump, false bottom, enclosure and everything that I need already made I'll go that route.