backsweeten w/o stabilizing?

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Feb 21, 2012
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Lake Villa
What do you guys think if I backsweeten my cider with 2 cans of concentrate after having crash cooled it in a keg? I'd just dump in and mix up the concentrate, no sorbate or sulfite. The temp would be about 40, though I could hold it a while at a temp lower than that to really halt activity. I doubt fermentation would start or if it did, come anywhere close to consuming the added sugars by the time I drink it.
It will start fermenting however as long as you keep it cold it should be slow. However what yeast did you use?? if you used something like ec-1118 than back-sweetening with out stabilizing is a BAD idea. I prefer to pasteurize rather than add chemicals. Only way to actually kill the yeast.

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