At what PSI / Vol CO2 do you keg & serve your Kombucha?

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May 31, 2018
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I have a 1.75 gallon keg that I will be using to dispense my booch when it is ready (sometime between today and this weekend).

For those of you who keg your Kombucha, what PSI do you use to carbonate and dispense (if different). I've read that 30PSI @ 40F for a few days followed by a purging the keg and serving at 5PSI is good...

I have plenty of carbonation stones available and plan to use one to make short work of adding some bubbly so I don't really feel the need to hit it hard with high PSI, roll the keg, etc. and will likely just go up by 5PSI increments until I hit the desired serving Vol CO2.

My kegerator is at 38F and I typically use our favorite CO2 volume chart to dial-in the PSI just right. I've seen ranges from 2.5-3.0 vol CO2 mentioned here and across other forums as a set-it and forget-it guide for pressure.

Interested to hear your thoughts and learn from your experience!

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