Anyone manufacturing parts?

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Steven Sinclair

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Apr 11, 2019
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Been googling for a while now and just can't find the type of part in which I'm interested. A type of pipe/pole/post bracket that has two opposing (at 180°) bars/rods/shelves perpendicular to the vertical pipe/pole/post angle. The portion of the bracket that connects to the pipe/pole/post can be either a single point, or multi-point, as long as it will not move once fastened to the pipe/pole/post. As pertains to the perpendicular attachment, if its a bar or rod, it needs to be at least 6 inches in length. If its a shelf, it needs to be at least 4 inches wide by six inches long. Something like the attached images (excu? Anyone know where something like that could be had or know of someone that could create it? Thanx in advance.
See there?! Just need to know the name of a product and then you find it's exactly what you're looking for. Thanx, Ed!!!