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20L Speidel Braumeister, BrewJacket Immersion Pro, grain mill, & other supplies (Portland, OR)

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Apr 17, 2015
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$1500 or best offer, hoping to sell everything together. Pick up would be ideal, or I could probably meet you halfway if you're somewhat nearby.

Same old story: the kids are young, the work is busy, and we haven't been able to brew as much as we would have liked. In the meantime, we're moving to a newer (smaller) place, so trying to sell what we aren't using.

The BrewJacket immersion temp controller is new and has never been used.
  • Speidel Braumeister 20L - with temperature control for step mashing, makes 5gal batches.
  • BrewJacket Immersion Pro fermentation temperature control system
  • BrewJacket insulating fermenter jacket (for carboy or bucket)
  • Grain mill (dual roller mill)
  • Copper immersion chiller
  • Mash paddle
  • Refractometer
  • Hand capper & caps
  • Brew cleaner
  • Sanitizer
  • 5 airlocks
  • 6 fermenting buckets with 5 lids
  • 2 plastic carboys
  • a couple of keg disconnects & D system coupler


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