copper coil chiller

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    20L Speidel Braumeister, BrewJacket Immersion Pro, grain mill, & other supplies (Portland, OR)

    $1500 or best offer, hoping to sell everything together. Pick up would be ideal, or I could probably meet you halfway if you're somewhat nearby. Same old story: the kids are young, the work is busy, and we haven't been able to brew as much as we would have liked. In the meantime, we're moving...
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    Looking for 3/4" 60' or longer copper coil

    Hi there, Looking for 3/4" 60' or longer copper coil to ship to Florida.
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    Copper chiller clean?

    I’ve brewed a few batches of beer with this coil chiller, and lately noticed these marks on it. I typically soak it in OneStep in the kettle after brewing. Anyone know what this is? Anything to worry about? Should I dump what I’ve already brewed?