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  1. T

    20L Speidel Braumeister, BrewJacket Immersion Pro, grain mill, & other supplies (Portland, OR)

    $1500 or best offer, hoping to sell everything together. Pick up would be ideal, or I could probably meet you halfway if you're somewhat nearby. Same old story: the kids are young, the work is busy, and we haven't been able to brew as much as we would have liked. In the meantime, we're moving...
  2. A

    Connecticut Refurbished Grainfather, Grainfather Sparge Water Heater, BrewJacket Immersion Pro Chiller, Speidel 20L fermenter

    New addition: Refurbished Grainfather. My OG Grainfather was the victim of the dreaded melted plug. I received a replacement unit and set upon repairing this one. Replaced the plug in the controller and everything works great. Have used the controller recently for a brew day with no issues...
  3. RansomBrewing

    BrewJacket Immersion Chiller Question

    Has anyone ordered anything from BrewJacket recently? I ordered some things from them a couple of weeks ago, knowing that they may not be open due to COVID-19. Here is my problem: I haven't seen any updates to my order, they haven't responded to my email and they haven't answered their phone...
  4. B

    Fermentation Chiller Systems and Findings

    Until recently, if you wanted to homebrew lagers, you either needed a giant cave under your house, or you had an additional fridge/freezer of some sort, with a controller to switch the power on/off based on the beer temperature. For those that were used to “Throw it in a bucket in your basement...
  5. P

    Brewjacket Immersion Pro temp probe

    My cat decided she wanted the temp probe as a cat toy more than I wanted it as a temp probe. Now I need to replace it. The probe, not the cat. I know, I know but she really is a pos only 99% of the time. Anyway, can I use any probe or does anyone know the "specs" for the OEM probe? Thanks.
  6. X

    Virginia SS Brewtech 7gal Chronical + Brewjacket Immersion Pro+cooling

    Looking at selling my current fermentation set up. Still fairly new, seen 3 batches on the chronical, 4 on the rod. Just more than I need, honestly. Works great, just going a different direction with vessels and cooling. Would prefer local pick-up, but will ship at buyers expense. Likely not...
  7. khumbu76

    Colorado Brewjacket Immersion Pro with Extras

    Hey Everyone! I have a VERY lightly used Immersion Pro that I am selling. It is 100% operational and I have only used it on two batches. I am moving my brewing operation to a location with too little clearance, so it just doesn't fit on any of my fermentors in the cabinet. This unit is...
  8. DrumForHire

    Iodophor and BrewJacket

    Well, my BrewJacket just arrived today, and I'm excited to get my next brew going! Now, I know I have to use a method other than Star-San to sanitize the immersion rod. I was originally thinking of just boiling the rod with the wort, but I'm now thinking that it might just be too unwieldy of a...
  9. DrumForHire

    BrewJacket Lid Hole

    I just bought my first BrewJacket off of AIH so I could use their coupon code. The unfortunate thing is that they don’t sell the lids. I don’t really want to pay to ship a lid, plus I just bought a new lid for my bucket fermenter, so I’m thinking I can maybe use a hole saw to cut a hole in the...
  10. bjanu

    BrewJacket Immersion Pro Temp Question

    Anyone using the Brewjacket Pro? I just got my unit and have a question about the temperature control. I am trying it out before using it to brew. The temp probe is placed outside the bucket as directed. On my unit, the temp probe reading is different than a thermometer placed directly into the...
  11. micraftbeer

    BrewJacket Immersion Fermentation Chiller Review

    I've tried a few different fermentation temperature control systems. I recently did a detailed review on the BrewJacket Immersion Pro. It's not cheap, but the temperature control is awesome (stays within +/- 0.5 degrees of your set point). It's easy to get going, and its best feature is it's...