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For Sale 20 Gal/40 L Home Brew System - Hosehead 3B+ Computer w/ CraftBeerPi 3

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Aug 30, 2015
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Full video of the system in action! 👇

Selling my computer operated home brewing system. I have spent a lot of time getting this system the way that works best. I just have so little time to brew lately since I brew for a living and trying to clear some space in the condo!

This system runs via a Raspberry Pi 3B+ that is built specifically to control your brewery.
Running Craft Beer Pi software, you can dial in your temperatures through the software as well as turn on and off the elements (120w and 240w elements included.) as well as switching on and off the pump.
I’ve set this up using a Robobrew 3.1 all in one brewing system as the hot liquor tank (hot water tank) and both vessels are all in one brew systems and can be used on their own, but I’ve combined them to create an entire brewery.
I custom ordered the stainless steel table which is also on casters for easy mobility.

Comes with everything you see here plus some stuff you can’t see, lots of extra parts and all hoses with 3/4” tri clamp fittings for professional connections.

This system would work great for a professional brewery pilot system or an advanced home brew system with no limitations!

If you have any questions or want to come take a look feel free to contact me.

Serious inquiries only.


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