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For Sale 3 Vessel, 15G All Grain Beer Brewing System

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Jul 19, 2011
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San Salvador
A complete 3 vessel brewing system that makes 5 to 15 Gallons of beer. All stainless steel Hot Liquor Tank, Stainless double walled Mash Tun with RIMS system for perfect mashes, and large Boil Kettle. Super efficient double pump recirculating system means you can brew a complete batch, startup to cleanup in 6 1/2 hours. My wife and I were professional brewers so we built a nice compact but efficient system. Everything you need to brew great beer at home or make nano brew pilot batches.

Dual pumps with multi-directional flow adjustment and all silicon tubing means you can use the RIMS to recirculate wort from mash tun through the hot liquor tank for perfect temperature mashes. And you can be heating water in the hot liquor tank while you are pre-cleaning the mash and boil kettles. And when you are done mashing, just scoop out the grain off the false bottom and you can start cleaning and sanitizing the mash tun while the boil finishes. This is a fast, accurate beer brewing system.

The mash tun is literally a reclaimed coffee brewer from a 1919 steamship from San Francisco. Its bad ass! And works amazing! Double walled for temp stability, bottom drain with a false mash filter bottom for perfect mashes, moveable sparge arm for perfect sparges, and a sight glass to judge color and liquid level. It’s seriously cool!

Everything you need to brew amazing beer. Anyone who really wants to make home brew days FUN rather than just long and hard should get this system. We spent well over $3600 on it all. Get it all built and ready to go for a song. Home brew your beer and make the world better with this home brewing equipment and complete system.

It is 6 feet long and 4.5 feet tall with the system put together so you will need a truck to load it up! It is sold as a complete system, no parts sales. This is excellent beer brewing equipment.

Just SOME of the items included: too much to list

15 gallon stainless kegel Boil Kettle
-Trub filter
-Adjustable bottom wort pickup tube

15 Gallon stainless steel - double walled Mash Tun
-Repurposed 1919 streamship giant coffee brewer!
-Double walled and built in lid keeps temperature perfectly
-Articulating sparge arm
-Bottom drain
-Mash filter false bottom
-Sight glass for mash liquid volume and color viewing
-RIMS system for mash temperature adjustment

15 gallon Hot Liquor tank keggle
-Thrumometer for temperature reading
-RIMS system goes in hot liquor tank
-Bottom drain for proper temperatures

Blichmann HellFire burners x2
Chugger stainless pumps x2
-All silicon medical 1/2” tubing
-Each pump is setup for bidirectional flow

Blichmann Terminator heat exchange wort chiller
- Blichmann Therminator Wort Chiller | MoreBeer
Propane tanks x2
Double water filter setup for clean water intake
Custom built brew stand with
-custom tile for easy cleanup
-Heavy duty locking wheels
-Storage shelves

Catalyst Conical Fermenter
-Butterfly valve bottom with trub catcher.
- Catalyst Fermenter | MoreBeer

Glass car boys x2
PH, TDS and Refractometer meters
Bubblers, cleaning and sanitizing supplies etc
Approximately 48x 22ox bottles, bottle caps, bottle cappers and carrying boxes
More supplies and tools not listed.

Cash only. Shown only by appointment. Located in San Diego, CA

$1,950.00 cash only, pickup needs a good sized truck.

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Progressive Brewing
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Jan 9, 2013
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Pasadena, MD
We spent well over $3600 on it all. Get it all built and ready to go for a song.
Sorry to hear, for you, you're selling this.
Per forum rules, you must list an asking price.
Please add by editing the first post.

If it's literally a song that takes it, then we're OK, I guess. ;)

[Added] Thank you for adding the price, and the pix!
Wishing you good luck with your sale!
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