Huge Sabco RIMS Homebrew/Pilot System for Sale - Pickup Evans, GA

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Jul 19, 2020
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This homebrew system consist of three 15.5 gallon vessels - a mash tun, hot liquor tank, and kettle for producing up to 10 gallons of finished beer. The system is connected with super
sanitary 1/2" tri-clamp connections for easy assembly, disassembly and clean up.

This system is ideal for serious homebrewers and also suitable for pros as a pilot system for testing recipes before scaling to commercial batch sizes.

This system includes the Sabco Rims Wizard system which consists of a seal-less pump, low watt density heating element, RTD temperature probe, and an extremely accurate PID temperature controller to maintain
an exact mash temperature in the system within a few fractions of a degree. During the mash, the wort is recirculated and heated to a precise temperature leading to higher extract efficiencies in the process.

(note that my system for sale does not include hard plumbing; it is connected with flexible hoses and tri-clamp fittings)

The system works wonderfully with a few cosmetic blemishes from brewing on it for several years.

The system comes as pictured with the stainless steel table on casters AND copper wort chiller INCLUDED. Everything comes disassembled as pictured. The clamps, ferrules, tees, etc needed
to connect the system come separately in bags along with a diagram and system manual to put it together (it's very easy to connect all of the hoses and valves with simply a
flat head screwdriver and stainless steel clamps). There are few items that the seller will need to replace before brewing with the system. I will provide the brewers hose that
I still have, however the buyer will need to purchase additional brewing hose to connect the system.

1. Kettle Sight Glass- $42- (Sight Glass Tubes for BrewMagic V350)

2. Kettle Lid - $30 - (12" Kettle Lid)

3. 1/2" Brewer Hose - 20 ft recommended - $36 (Reinforced Brewer Hose)

I will provide spare gaskets for the triclamp connections as well.

This system was originally purchased in 2014 for $4,245. It did not come with the immersion chiller or stainless steel cart which adds extra value. I am interested in selling the whole system for
$2,750. I will accept cash, Venmo or Paypal as payment. Buyer must pickup system, located in Evans, GA.

I am selling the system to downsize my brewing footprint.