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  1. tcox85

    For Sale 20 Gal/40 L Home Brew System - Hosehead 3B+ Computer w/ CraftBeerPi 3

    Full video of the system in action! 👇 Selling my computer operated home brewing system. I have spent a lot of time getting this system the way that works best. I just have so little time to brew lately since I brew for a living and trying to clear some space in the condo! This system runs...
  2. Paladen

    Arizona Hosehead 5bc Electric brewing controller

    Hosehead brewery controller. Will controll two 240v 5500W elements on 30amps one at a time.Great for a HERMS system You can read more about it at brewtronix.com. Iam not a software guy.Old school prefer buttons and PID's. If you like raspberry Pi computers and software ,you should buy this. It...
  3. shayes2791

    Electric/Automated Brewery Dilemma

    Hi All, I have been scouring this forum as well as others trying to figure out what I want for a brewery. Many here have been through many iterations of their breweries. I want to avoid that for the most part as I tend to do that with every hobby (and started to do with this) and my wife gets...