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  1. Jimmyco

    Running tubing through freezer for wort chilling

    Background: Many people just run tap water through their wort chillers to chill their wort, (1) in Arizona that would never work and (2) I hate wasting water like that. I bought a submersible pond pump and recirculate the water through an ice chest with ice water, it takes 7 minutes. It looks...
  2. Ron C

    We created a ridiculous spreadsheet for Wort Correction - Feel free to poke holes in it

    Hello all, My brewing friends and I created a spreadsheet originally intended to calculate ABV while accounting for a Wort Correction Factor based on Hydrometer and Refractometer readings. We've been using it successfully for a few brew sessions now, and I figured it might be a good idea to...
  3. S

    Wort spillage through open tap

    Hi all, I've recently made by second batch of home brew using a basic starter kit. Following a recipe kit I started the wort on the stovetop by boiling a Brewblend, Wheat Malt Powder and 2.5L of water. After steeping the hops for 20 minutes, I emptied this into the fermenter and annoyingly...
  4. K

    Michigan Picobrew Zymatic for Sale - Automated brewing appliance $700

    I'm selling my much loved Picobrew Zymatic. This is the best appliance out there for true hands-off and repeatable brews. Never miss a temperature zone or hop addition time again! The device has been used and well cared for. This appliance will automate the wort making process of brewing and I...
  5. V

    Wort Storage / Share Questions

    So I am participating in a wort share contest with a local brewery and the wort pick-up is this weekend and I have a few questions. First, is there any way to store the wort safely to brew say a week or two from now? I want to do a NEIPA but I want it to be fresh and the judging isn't until...
  6. snarf7

    Why sometimes small wort size?

    I've seen a couple recipes now that call for a much smaller wort size than the end product...for example a 2 gal wort for a standard 5 gal batch. Is there a reason for this? Does it change the end product somehow? Or is it more a practical thing (i.e. the biggest pot I have is 2.5 gal!)
  7. D

    Store Wort for yeast starter

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if it's possible to pre-make store Wort to use with yeast starters? I was thinking about making a big batch of wort and sealing it in bottles for later use. Would there be any issue with that? Would it need to be stored cold?
  8. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Wort chiller pump

    Hello everyone, I just bought this pump and I was wondering if anyone has some insights on how to proceed to cool my wort with it. I am not sure If this pump will break when passing the almost boiling wort through it. Does anyone have some advice or technique? Should I pass cold water? Or tap...
  9. meylo

    Ash in the Wort

    I was wrapping up the brew day, and cooling my wort with the chiller. Each time I use my brew kettle, along with my gas burner, the exterior of the kettle creates a layer of char/ash. It's never been a problem, I just rinse it off, some stays, no biggie. So I stood there letting my chilled wort...
  10. Sergiy

    How long i can hold wort?

    Hi, i thought i have yeast before brew, but i didn't had one. I need 1-2 days to get proper one, how long and how could i keep wort to save the brew?
  11. G

    Doubt, self made brew stand

    Hi guys.. so im just posting a pic of my next to be working brew stand. As I show in the picture, im planning to place the cooling coil in the hot liquor tank while everything is being boiled so it sanitizes, and then when the boiling process is done, i´ll start circulating tap water trough...
  12. Washington_Brewologist

    Got a new burner (Bayou Classic) need some advice on boiling wort!

    Hello fellow brew nerds. I recently upgraded my propane burner from a Walmart turkey fryer(With a god awful cooking timer which required bypassing) to a Bayou Classic burner. With my last burner, I had to struggle just to keep the damn thing from shutting off during the boil and had no issue...
  13. Gosé the gozarian

    Mash tun basket?

    So, I built a mash tun out of a cooler (the rectangle kind) and had the copper pipe straining in the bottom then got a brew bag, I don't really like either of them. What is everyone's thoughts about making a stainless mesh basket that fits in the cooler? Best material, What to use for the...
  14. Sergiy

    Wort poured through the top in fermenter

    Next day after i added an yeast to fermenter, i found that wort poured through the top, and polluted an airlock. Why it happend? I used US-05 yeast
  15. HomeBrewMasterRace

    All Grain BIAB

    I'm interesting in doing a 5 Gallon Batch of a hefeweizen. I just bought the grain as well a brewing bag to clamp over the sides. I know i need to not tie it off and clamp it so i can stir to avoid clumps. My question needs a little background I only have a 5 gallon kettle, If i was to make the...
  16. Brewfawx

    Left in Fermenter?

    So I was brewing a Walnut Vanilla Amber, and after pouring my wort into my carboy, a family emergency came up, and i was unable to pitch the yeast for about a week. the fermenter had a blowoff tube attached, and was undisturbed during that time. Is it too late or unsafe to pitch the yeast? Will...
  17. S

    Transferring hot wort to fermenter

    Hi everyone, I have a problem and doubt with transferring the post boiling hot wort from my kettle into my fermenter. Here's my story: My kettle does not have a valve where to attach a pvc hose, so my only option is to siphon the wort. The problem is that I tried to firstly do it with a proper...
  18. Nebraskan

    Pressure cooking wort with hops

    On a Youtube.com channel I was watching about myths, and one of them was doing a 60 minute boil. I like the idea of a shorter time boil, after collecting the wort from the mash tun and lautering. However, there is also the issue of getting hops into solution in your wort for bittering, and...
  19. rgarcia128

    Wort in primary fermenter for 5 months

    So, a buddy and I brewed a extra stout sometime in January. We were going to bottle three weeks later... Well three weeks turned into about five months! Last week I was going to make an IPA so I needed the primary fermenter. It was in use by the old wort. Me and my friend were to scared...
  20. F

    Wort queries

    Hi all A couple of basic extract questions: 1. What is the difference between boiling the extract for 60 and 90 minutes? 2. Some recipes call for addition of part of the extract midway through the boil. I have been adding everything at the beginning and boiling for 60 minutes. How does the...