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  1. zahrndt_usmc

    ss vs standard wortchiller

    I was looking at midwest website and I noticed they had ss wortchillers I wondered if there was any benefit to that kind vs the stadard kind
  2. T

    origin of the word: WORT?

    Does anyone know where the word wort comes from?? Good things will happen to me if I can find out. Thanx!
  3. RushN24

    I knew Aeration Equipment is a Waste of $...

    I read this study a while back and thought it might be interesting to share it here with HBT. This is not my work at all and I take no credit for anthing other than posting it here for you fine brewers to read.It is just something I found interesting when doing some research. Check it out and...
  4. RushN24

    I know, RDWHAHB, but...

    Ok I did my first partial mash today and everything seemed to go fine until the end; I missed my target gravity by a pretty fair amount. I mashed 4.75 lbs of grain (3lbsMO, 1lbs Crystal 20, and .75 biscuit) with 5.94 qts of water at 154 for 60 mins, batch sparged and came out with 2.35...
  5. V

    Hydrometer Reading mishap

    So last week I brewed my first batch of light ale and according to the recipe that I used, the original gravity was supposed to be around 1.034 or so but when I took the reading, I got about 1.071. Does this just mean the beer will have a higher ABV or is it still depending on how much yeast I...
  6. M

    Super Newbie Question

    I just started fermenting my first beer last night! It was awesome. Just wondering, I read a little further on fermenting today, and realized that I had made a pretty big error. When I had cooled the wort and was pouring it into my fermentor, instead of straining off all the gunk left over...