Perfect Pairing- Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer + Inkbird WiFi Temperature Controller

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Dec 30, 2015
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Farmington Hills, MI
I've been using Tilts for a while now and am absolutely sold on them. I use them specifically to keep track of fermentation progress to decide when to adjust the fermentor temperature. When I saw that Inkbird came out with an ITC-308 WiFi controller, I had to check it out. And as expected, it worked awesome.

Now while I'm monitoring gravity change while sitting at work, I can bump up the set temperature while sitting at my desk, rather than waiting hours until getting home. Works great for us impatient types! Plus of course if heading out of town while leaving a batch to ferment, etc.

My review is posted at the second half of the link below, for the HomeBrewFinds ITC-308 equipment review. I just wanted to get the word out there to fellow Tilt lovers of this winning equipment combination, in case you hadn't heard of the WiFi Inkbird controller yet.
I just pulled the data from my InkBird, and graphed chiller/room/fermenter temps. I love it as well.
Is there a user-friendly software available that would be able to adjust the inkbird on the fly based on the temp from the tilt? Preferably with an interface that can be accessed by an iphone?

This is probably the wrong forum to ask this...

I currently use my tilt with the grainfather app, and the inkbird WIFI thermostat. I really like the solution so far, trying to take it next level.