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  1. jasoux

    Minnesota Brewtus 10 Rig For Sale

    $800 obo. Only serious inquiries will be considered! For the home brewer wanting an upgrade, I have an all grain RIMS single tier propane brew rig for sale. Based on the Brewtus 10 design Achieved 80% brewhouse efficiency. Have over $1200 invested into this system Includes: Single Tier...
  2. C

    Anyone using a Tilt hydrometer with a RIMs BIAB system?

    They say the tilt is good to 185 degress F. I was wondering if anyone has tried using it in a RIMs Biab system? My thought is if you reach your target or are no longer gaining gravity points you can stop and start your boil. thoughts?
  3. D

    ITC 608T for RIMS Temperature control

    TLDR: As the title suggests, I have successfully used an ITC 608T for mash temperature control in a 2 vessel RIMS setup. I have only seen people report using this controller for fermentation control, so I was skeptical of its use in a heavier load situation, but I am happy to say the controller...
  4. S

    HERMS/RIMS step mash performance q's

    For those of you with HERMS or RIMS. When you're doing a step mash, how many degrees/minute are you getting when you ramp up to the next step? Do you have a minimum acceptable rate, if so what is it?
  5. B

    North Carolina Used Blichmann Tower of Power Gas Fired Control Module

    Gently used Blichmann Tower of Power Gas Fired Control Module. Used for roughly 20 batches on my RIMS system. Works like a champ, simply selling off some brewing equipment as I do not make enough time to brew enough anymore. Kids and other hobbies have made me take an honest accounting of...
  6. micraftbeer

    Building a 2V Electric System- Opinions on Boil Kettle Port Location

    I'm putting together a 2-Vessel electric system. I've used a number of different all-in-one electric systems, and I've decided 2 vessels is the way to go for me. The hanging/draining bag or malt tube just gets in the way of checking my pre-boil volume and pre-boil gravity. I don't do...
  7. Mike Kropp

    RIMS Rocket Temperature Control

    I was doing a test mash yesterday with water to verify my setup of the Blichmann RIMS Rocket. I routed hoses as follows: mash tun -> RipTide Pump -> RIMS Rocket (bottom input) -> sparge arm At the top of the RIMS Rocket I had a Tee fitting with the tee mounted as shown in the RIMS Rocket...
  8. ExMachina

    Moving into RIMS--need a reality check

    Hi guys, Annoyingly broad noob question to follow (so you have been warned!) Been brewing over 20 years now, and finally want to transition from my propane fueled (boil kettle) hot water infusion system to an electric system. My plan to to move in two stages, with the the first stage being a...
  9. N

    Brau Supply vs. Inkbird IPB-16 Controller

    Hi All, I am trying to get back into homebrewing but things have changed within the past few years! I bought a RIMS tube from Brew Hardware a while back and started building my own controller...then life got in the way. Anyways, I am ready to get back into it and am looking to completing my...
  10. L

    How to make an all-in-one electric brewery

    After hours of searching for an article of someone making their own version of a robobrew or grainfather, I couldn’t find one that really came all that close to the real thing. I came up with a plan to make a hybrid of a “robofather” and an electric BIAB rims system. For anyone looking to make...
  11. Mechengr

    Grain getting through false bottom

    Hey all! I've been a homebrewer for about 12 years, all-grain for 6. I've been a longtime user of this site but have never posted because I could usually find my answers! However, this time I have struggled to find a good answer for my specific problem. This is a 5 gal batch setup using 8...
  12. jasoux

    Minnesota Brew Equipment For Sale

    Hi All, I am selling off my brew rig and several other brewing items. Below is the Craigslist post. **Local pickup preferred, will consider shipping** https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/for/d/home-brew-beer-equipment-for/6613647572.html I have accumulated extra brewing equipment over the...
  13. A

    RIMS layout of components

    This may be a really silly question, but figure I'll ask, finally I now have all my RIMS components, and I'm putting them all together in a layout, I'm planning to mount them all to a 2x2 sheet of MDF once I determine optimal layout Option 1 is the following...
  14. MikeSkril

    The All In One Brewing Control Panel (HERMS,RIMS,BIAB,...)

    Hi, I'm happy to share my latest project with you. This control panel is a multipurpose brewing controller. It’s powered by 240V / 30 AMP and can run 2 pumps and a 5500-watt heating element. It has a mash/boil controller with integrated timer and buzzer. The AiONE controller does it all...
  15. A

    RIMS tube advice

    I'm an all-grain brewer, with a 10 gallon cooler Mash-Tun, and thinking to move into RIMS setup to allow for more options when I'm mashing (doing 5 gallon batches). As of now I have purchased the following parts as I slowly move towards a RIMS setup, the new IPB-16 Inkbird PID, and a Chugger...
  16. C

    Ohio Sabco Brew Magic v350ms

    I bought this system used 3 years ago thinking I'd brew with it for a while and use it as a pilot system for our upcoming brewery, but decided to go with a full 1bbl system instead. Looking to part with it for $3000, pick up only. Located in Perrysburg OH The system is in great shape, has all...
  17. R

    California Blichmann Tower of Power Control Module and LTE stand

    Selling my Tower of Power control module and LTE stand for $500. Just like new, pump not included. 120V. I have a custom stainless tube with heating elements and 1.5 inch tri-clamp set up that I will sell for $75 more...
  18. deBREWler

    Long Recirculating Mash Question

    Has anyone experimented with the idea of mashing for 2+ hours? Long story short, I can't lock myself in my garage or basement for a proper brew day so I've been brainstorming ways to modify my brew day to accommodate my family and children's needs. My HEX (standalone HERMS) will maintain...
  19. nicadrick

    Brewstand planning: Burners vs. Regulator

    I am currently moving a single BG10 burner with a 10psi regulator back and forth (HLT <-> BK) as needed during my brew day. This for obvious reasons is getting old. Planning on building a proper direct fired RIMS brewstand using 2 more of the same burners. How much more regulator do I...
  20. wuertele

    Controlling RIMS with a grant

    I think I understand how a PID controller works, but so far I have only seen examples with one input (the thermistor voltage) and one output (the heater control). That shoud work fine when the flow rate of the wort is constant, but how do you manage it with a grant? The way I think a grant...