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  1. M

    For Sale Blichmann RIMs Rocket

    I have a 240v Blichmann RIMs Rocket for sale. I purchased this a couple of year back when I thought I had more time to look at step mashing. I never had a chance to use the unit. This unit also includes the optional temperature sensor fitting, that was an extra $38. I paid about $275 for the...
  2. mtpratt

    For Sale Complete RIMS setup with kegerator (Nashville, TN area)

    Complete RIMS setup with kegerator for sale. Needs to be picked up. Home Brewing Parts RIMS All Grain Brewing Set up, includes 4 tap kegerator
  3. Teedocious

    For Sale RIMS Partial setup -- PID, pump, heating element, thermocouple

    Moving houses, time to downsize brewing equipment. For sale (Peninsula, SF Bay Area, CA): Working basic RIMS setup. toolbox with mounted pump, pid controller. Electric (120V) heating element in stainless casing, type K thermocouple. Quick disconnect fittings on pump. Pump and PID wired with...
  4. K

    Sold RIMS controller - 110V - $200

    RIMS controller. Controls pump and heating element to hit your target mash temp. 110V power Temperature control comes from a Auber EZboil. There is a safety interlock that keeps the heating element from turning on if the pump is on (so you don’t scorch your wort). I used this with a 1650W...
  5. micraftbeer

    Michigan SOLD- Blichmann 120V RIMS Rocket Coil and Cable

    I had a 120V Blichmann RIMS Rocket, which I used for a little under a year before moving over to a 240V coil. I no longer needed this 120V coil and it’s been collecting dust for about a year and a half so it’s time to part with it. This includes the 120V RIMS Rocket Coil plus the Blichmann 120V...
  6. D

    20 Gallon SS Sanitary Brewing System

    This is a 20 G Gas-fired brew system with Electric Control box. I put this together 4 years ago but have never used due a work relocation. All connections are sanitary tri-clamps so this system can probably be set up as CIP (clean-in-place) if you installed spray balls. The only item not...
  7. tidesmatt

    In MA: 20 Amp PID Controlled Electric Brewing Panel w/Extras Available - $450

    For sale is a custom built 20 Amp PID controlled electric brewing panel setup based on Ebrewsupply.com Deluxe DIN mounted panel build. The panel includes an SSR PID temperature control from Auber Instrument (SYL-2352) as well as a timer for beer brewing with multi-event programming (JSL 73B)...
  8. S

    ** Never been used Ss RIMs **

    I have a never before used Ss Brewtech RIMs element for sale. Local pickup (Knoxville, TN) or can ship for free depending on your location. I bought this thinking I was going to do a RIMs system but then decided to do a HERMs. Asking $200 for it.
  9. SmokeyRydr

    Tired of HERMS, considering RIMS

    I'm not real happy with my HERMS process flow and considering switching to RIMS. I'd like your advice. Rig: I've got a good 3-vessle set of Keggles & dual pumps. my HLT has a HERMS coil installed and a 120v electric heater w/ PID control. I run the boil kettle with a gas burner and don't run...
  10. B

    Illinois Turnkey 15 Gallon Propane RIMS Blichmann Toptier Tower of Power System

    ASKING $1500 For Sale in Springfield, IL Not separating at this time, trying to sell as a turnkey system. I don’t have a truck so I can’t help deliver, but I can have it disassembled and ready to go for buyer. Can be used to make 5 or 10 gallon batches. Over $3500 invested in this at retail...
  11. mcoratti76

    2 Vessel K-RIMS Gas Setup Question

    I am just getting started with all grain and building a starter system using some equipment I already have, while picking up some new pieces. Eventually, I want to go with an electric RIMS tube and PID to better control mash temp. For now, I am planning to use a 2 vessel system, MLT gravity fed...
  12. L

    Huge Sabco RIMS Homebrew/Pilot System for Sale - Pickup Evans, GA

    This homebrew system consist of three 15.5 gallon vessels - a mash tun, hot liquor tank, and kettle for producing up to 10 gallons of finished beer. The system is connected with super sanitary 1/2" tri-clamp connections for easy assembly, disassembly and clean up. This system is ideal for...
  13. N

    Single Tier RIMS system for sale

    For sale 15 gallon single tier RIMS system. Custom brew stand with 3 Bayou Classic BG14 Banjo Burner 10 inch diameter and 30lb propane tank include. Duda Diesel B3-12A 20 Plate Heat Exchanger included but not pictured. Asking $850 Local pick up only, Richfield, Ohio.
  14. F

    RIMS or HERMS: Understanding Mashing Equipment

    If you’re looking for ways to maintain better consistency across your recipes every time you brew, you’ll want to look at consistency in your mash rests. Basic rests being Acid (95°F – 113°F), Protein (113°F – 138°F), and Saccharification (beta-amylase 131°F – 150°F, alpha-amylase 150°F – 160°F)...
  15. T

    Build A DIY RIMS System

    I recently had a chance to brew with the professionals at a local brewery. They were brewing on a SABCO Brew-Magic (15 gallon) system that they use for their weekly small batch releases. The brewer explained the components and how they all worked together. The wort would circulate throughout the...
  16. P

    Growing Out of BIAB: Reasons to Consider An MLT

    Moving from extract brewing to all-grain can be like earning a badge of honor in home brewing. Many who started extract brewing have never seen the need to expand into more complicated or exacting recipes, nor have needed that jump to be fair, as many award winning brews are extract-based (or at...
  17. J

    Budget Herms System - Part One

    Mash recirculation is a popular technique. Most of the new integrated single-vessel packages (Grainfather, etc.) include the feature. A growing number of home brewers today incorporate mash recirculation in their BIAB or multiple vessel rigs, frequently adding temperature control through either...
  18. P

    Moving from Gas to Electric Brewing

    Brewing with Natural Gas, Propane, then Electric This article covers the variety of systems that I have used for homebrewing beer over the last 5 years. Brewing first in my kitchen on the stove-top using natural gas, then out to the garage using propane and then lastly going back inside and down...
  19. D

    10 Questions For A Homebrewer

    1. How did you start brewing? I've been a beer "nerd" and owned a kegerator for many years before I started brewing. I remember one night looking up the reviews on a beer I had purchased at my local bottle store and stumbled across a recipe for this beer on line. It was like a light when off in...
  20. D

    All Grain Brewing Simplified Pt 2: Equipment Profiles

    If you missed it, Part 1 of this series deals with the all-grain brewing process. It goes over taking the leap into all-grain brewing in a simple, down to earth manner. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/all-grain-brewing-simplified-part1-process.html In this part, I'll go over some of the different...