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  1. D

    Questions from A college Student Part 2:

    Hello everyone. I recently posted a few weeks ago talking about an entrepreneurship class that I'm involved in. My current project revolves around solving and issue or creating a business idea within the craft brewing space. My initial idea was to create local competitions/events for homebrewers...
  2. T

    Looking to turn a glass carboy into a "conical" fermentor. I need some feedback.

    I have a build mapped out in my head, but I'm fairly new to brewing. What I'm wondering is; If i make a contraption that the glass carboy sits in upside down, and I make a stand pipe that reaches to bottom of the 6 gal carboy and exits through my PVC valve (basically a long skinny "U"), when I...
  3. Michael L Collins

    Should I Blend?

    I have a (1 Gallon) Cherry/Cranberry wine starting at 1.146 ABV and is currently (as of 12/31) at 1.048. It seems to be continuing to ferment but just barely, and it's way sweet. When I started this, I had some left, and I wanted to make a wine with no added sugar, so I added it to a 12 oz of...
  4. Bryan312

    Odd Fermentation, Thoughts on why? Cloudy

    So I've been brewing regularly for about 4 years now and have made probably over 50 batches and this recipe is one of my tried and trues and always turns out pretty well the exact same. its a 10g batch of pale ale, I usually use US05 but only had enough for 5g so I pitched that in one and I used...
  5. Kanonen80

    Blowoff Tubes and PET Carboys

    I have a couple 5 gallon PET carboy's that I need to use for primary fermentation. The opening fits a #10 stopper, so the normal 1" diameter tubing I have is out of the question. I've seen some people using some smaller tubing right in in the stopper opening - is that really the best/only...
  6. R

    Question about Converting all Grain to Extract

    Hi Guys, Sorry, I'm brand new to brewing so this question is going to sound dumb. I've brewed 2 beers so far, both from kits. Both beers came out great, but I want to try something a bit more "craft". I've got a grain bill of: Pale Malt: 10lb Wheat Malt: 3lb 3oz The recipe that I am...
  7. Brewfawx

    What to do with spent grains?

    Hey all, Im looking for something to do to repurpose my spent grains after brew day. I dont have livestock or chickens, so is there anything I can do with my grains? Fawx
  8. exaideum

    Fermenting sour and wild ales outside

    Hello Beer-internet! So I'm running low on space inside my small house and I'm considering building a small air-tight unit on the side of my house to hold all of my smaller 1-5 gal fermenters that are housing long aging sours. Is that a terrible idea? I've only been making sours for a little...
  9. Bobbaugh3

    Strawberry Kiwi Melomel

    Started my adventure into mead back at the end of May. I primaried from May to June - added more must and fruit, refermentation kicked up, then secondaried from June to end of August. Racked my Strawberry Kiwi Melomel off of the lees about 15 days ago. Started at 26 Brix(OG: 1.110), after 3...
  10. T

    Mead Yeast Requirements Messing With my Brew?

    Hello, quick question here. I recently created a sugarcane wine. Here was the setup: 1L boil extracted sugarcane (boiled sugarcane in water) 0.5L water ~3g mangrove jack's M05 (mead) yeast pretty well sterilised I let it sit in a demijohn for a week and it turned out smelling not good (to the...
  11. U

    Ascorbic Acid Super Oxidizer?

    I've read on a previous thread here that supposedly ascorbic acid by itself can become a super oxidizer instead of an antioxidant. But I've used it by itself and never noticed an issue. And noticed many food items using it as a preservative by itself with no MS. And I know metabisulfate is good...
  12. S

    Equipment upgrade recommendations?

    I've been brewing all-grain for going on six years. I brew 2.5 gallon batches using a pretty bare-bones system and am looking for some advice on upgrading some of my equipment. Here's my set-up/process; if you see a place for improvement, let me know! Also, I'm operating on a bit of a tight...
  13. N

    knowledge needed 1st timer Rhubarb & Elderflower wine

    Hi all, As the title suggests I am making an Elderflower and Rhubarb wine, and I have never made country wine before in my life so I want it to go right but I don't know what to expect. I am doing my research and I thought it would be helpful to create a thread here to get conversations and...
  14. S

    Delirium Tremens

    Okay...I think I have propagated the yeast from a bottle of the Belgian beauty. This is how I think I did it: -pouring the beer...I noted some particulate -sensing opportunity...I mixed some LME and water in a flask -using pipette...I drew off a generous amount of the beer (100ml?) -I...
  15. T

    silly question. adding water after primary?

    All grain ipa in primary for 1 and a half weeks. (4 gal). Can I add bottled spring water to increase volume to 5 gal when I transfer to secondary fermentor and dry hop? Thank you for your time.
  16. LoneTreeFarms

    Apple-Cherry wine questions

    Hi all, new to the site and to the exciting world of wine making. My neighbor and I recently started our first batch, a 6 gallon batch of Old Orchard apple cherry wine. I followed the recipe on jack keller's website. Tonight we did our first racking from the primary fermenter to the secondary...
  17. smatson

    how to use a conical fermenter

    i am looking into getting a conical fermenter. i already know all of the pros and cons, i am just a little more curious how to use it. i have been trying to find some definite answers on this website, but haven't found a page just about how to use one. some of my questions are... 1. do i...