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  1. Ele

    Expanding BiBs

    Evening everyone, I’ve been having some issues with BiBs; it’s not consistent, which is why I’m so perplexed Basically, a few BiBs have expanded a week or so after filling The bag with the liquid in is NOT expanding, it’s the outer bag that is filling with air, for no discernible reason I can...
  2. N

    Sweet bottle carbed Pasturisation plan.

    Sup everyone. I've been cruising the forums a bit, but it's come to the time I need to ask more specific questions. Feel free to pop in with any advice or experiences. I want to make a sweet, bottle carbed cider. I don't have the gear or funds for force carbing, and I hate the taste of...
  3. RedSkyGuy

    Reversing flavor affects of heat pasteurized cider

    A 6 gal batch of carbonated cider I made turned out great from a local orchard that does not pasteurize. Using the same yeast, similar apples and environment I made a batch from “another” orchard that uses heat to pasteurize there cider. It doesn’t taste bad, just less complex and bland. Any...
  4. K

    pasteurization sediment

    So I filled my sweet cider in the bottles and started pasteurizing so that I would kill the yeast and stop fermentation. I gradually increase the water temperature untill i reach water of about 160F and the cider has a temp of about 152F. I was pasteurizing the sweet cider bottles in a 160F...
  5. K

    Complicated problem for pasteurization

    So I'm finishing my set up and I am installing 2 rectangular stainless steel tanks (filled with water) attached with coils to preheat and then pasteurize my semi-sweet cider bottles. The first tank will be at around 45 degrees Celsius and the second one at around 75C. Calculating the PUs onces...
  6. piojo

    Pasteurization: could tongs could lift a beer bottle out of hot water?

    I pasteurize at home, and getting the bottle out of the water is tricky while wearing leather gloves. Safety first, right? Is there any type of tongs designed to lift up a beer bottle from above? It only needs to lift it a couple inches out of the water so I can grab it with my hand. It doesn't...
  7. Bryan312

    Mead advice!

    Hey all long time reader first time posting, I’ve been making wine and beer for about 3 years now and spirits for about 2 and I e been a chef for 13 years. I just got a hold of 10kilos of pasturized honey for free from the restaurant and thought I would try to make mead. However I’m not sure...
  8. S

    Cannon non-carbonated, non-nitrogen drink

    I have been working on canning a drink I have been selling for the past couple of years. So far reception has been good. However to increase shelf life, cut down on costs and to be more environmental friendly, I decided to ditch plastic and go with cans. I've done a lot of research so far and...
  9. Yacov327

    Fruit Pasteurization

    There are a lot of old threads on this but I didn't really want to revive a dead one so here it is. Lots of debate on this topic I know. It seems to be though that if you are wanting to pasteurize your own fruit puree, the most widely accepted way to do it is with campden tablets. Recently I...