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Apr 19, 2021
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Hello! I am new here. I would like to sell kombucha and jun in my small community but my bottles are growing small scobys. I would prefer not to sell the bottles with living scoby as i would like to make this part of my income since I lost my job to coronavirus and have not been able to find new work. There is not a kombucha business here currently and i would prefer to keep my scoby as my own precious gem instead of giving it away for others to just make it on their own, I figure they wouldn't need me to sell it if they are fermenting their own and then i just go out of business before having a solid chance.

So i bottled for secondary fermentation and put a homemade fruit syrup in for flavor but the bottles are already growing small scobys after only 2 days.

I know i can pasteurize but my scoby is very aggressive. Will the pasteurización process for sure kill it instantly so others cannot grow thier own from mine?

Also, how can I prevent the scoby from growing in the bottles during second fermentation?

Thanks in advance for the help and advice!
Here are the steps in order.

Filtration <5 microns.
Force carbonation at 33 to 36 Fahrenheit.
Counter pressure bottling.
Refrigeration at less than 41 Fahrenheit.