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  1. P

    Maltster Consolidation

    I just read a report from Reuters saying that InVivo is planning to take-over Castle malting. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing but InVivo seems to be aiming for growth in the malt market so maybe it is ultimately positive.
  2. B

    What is “Wookey Dust”?

    Hello, I’ve been looking at Firestone Walker Jack Wookey Black IPA clones lately. Some of the clones recipes list “wookey dust” under malts. Is this a made up ingredient like a joke? I can’t find much information on what it is.
  3. K

    Looking for Joe White Maltings reviews

    Hi! We're getting a steady supply of Joe White malts in our area soon but I haven't had much experience with the brand. For some reason, I'm having trouble finding any user reviews online and the only thing that comes up when I search for info on it is an old article about Joe White getting...
  4. J

    100% Malted Corn Lager, Double Decoction Mash

    Pain. Pure unadulterated pain, incarnated in a hellish nineteen hour brewday, of which remains engraved in my woeful mind, desolated in a mist of agony. So yea, pretty interesting brewday. Me and friend decided to have a discussion on what would be the absolute hardest thing we could brew, and...
  5. J

    First Marzen

    Haven’t really brewed for a good 6 months but I’m trying to get a recipe for a good Marzen. I plan to do a decoction, and have a 3 vessel AG set up with 2 whirlpool pumps and a counterflow chiller. I have a pretty good idea of the steps involved ( I’ve done a couple pilsners already) as far as...
  6. micraftbeer

    Blackened Grains in Rye Malt

    I found these black grains in my rye malt tonight while pouring them into my measuring bucket before grinding. In hindsight it seems like I've seen these bits occasionally in rye malt. They look almost like grains of rice that have burned to charcoal. But they are hard, not brittle like I...
  7. MarTeBrew

    Where do you buy malt?

    Greetings, Instead of ready all-grain recipes, I would like to build them on my own from malts. Can you recommend sources where malt can be purchased per pound for homebrewers? Do the malt factories sell per pound instead of large bags? Thanks,
  8. peter_shoes_

    Let's Talk About Biscuit Malt!

    I absolutely love biscuit malt, and use it in almost all my brews. You might think this gets a bit samey, but to be honest it always surprises me. Biscuit is a flavor that really adapts well to its surroundings, and is never an unwelcome inclusion in any ale grain bill, I've found. Most people...
  9. D

    Grains to get - New to All Grain Brewing

    Hi Everyone, I am just about to make the leap from extract and partial-mash brewing to all-grain. I am ordering (no good brew shop close to me) a new all-in-one system and a few kegs and I figured I would get some grains and hops as well with the order as shipping here to Newfoundland costs...
  10. sudeeshrao

    Problems In Malting My Own Grain

    Hi, Am glad for being part of this community. I am a beginner in brewing, though am brewing for past 2 years but my brewing activities are limited to only doing experiments with fruits only. I tried a grain batch with barley and wheat but it didn't came out very well. Since I am from a place...
  11. H

    Malt Experiment for a Black IPA — Blackprinz vs Midnight Wheat

    Being a fan of hoppy beers, I’ve tasted a lot of different expressions of IPA, IIPA, Session IPA, and in it sboom, the specialty IPA’s like White IPA, Red IPA, Rye IPA and, one of my favorites of that list, Black IPA or Cascadian Dark Ale. This style, according to the BJCP Guidelines, was...
  12. S

    Adventures in Home Malting

    When I first started reading about brewing in earnest, I noticed that the words written about malting were rarely favorable, more often veering toward discouragement. Tedious, labor-intensive, and lengthy were the consensus; it requires too much space and immaculate hygiene, said home-brewing...
  13. D

    Be a Better Brewer: Get SMaSH'd On Brew Day

    There’s an easy and delicious way to improve your beer creation skills. Just get "SMaSH’d" on brew day. Not smashed as in “drink a beer make a beer,” but SMaSH’d as in brewing Single Malt and Single Hop beers. Brewing SMaSH beers dials you directly in to the abundantly flavorful and educational...
  14. verysupple

    Crystal Malts Reduce Fermentability: Fact or Fiction?

    We all know those topics that pop up time and time again on any home brewing forum. One of those topics is under-attenuation. Why didn't my beer attenuate? someone asks, followed by a string of replies asking how much crystal malt was used, after which ensues the explanation that the addition of...
  15. jayjay

    Need advice on malt and hop substitutions

    Hi So i am just about to order the ingredients for my third batch (a New England IPA) and i would like some advice considering hop and malt substitution as the recipe i follow use some ingredients that can't find in my home country (denmark) The recipe i plan on following is this...
  16. dmtaylor

    Gruit = LME!? and nothing to do with herbs!?

    CAUTION: This is NOT a thread about beer with herbs as you probably expect. Beers with herbs are great; I enjoy many of them very much. But, that's NOT necessarily the topic here. If intrigued, read on. If not, you can back out now before you fall down this rabbit hole. -- One beer...
  17. Denny

    Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 102 - Hood River Beers We're not done with Hop & Brew School just yet because as Denny headed home from Yakima, he stopped in the beer rich river city of Hood River. While there he sat down with Brian Perkey of Lallemand to talk about his long...
  18. snarf7

    Marzen Recipe Tweak

    I brewed what I thought was an excellent Marzen last year that I entered in a competition. It scored a 40 so I guess I'm not completely crazy. ;) The biggest thing I got dinged on was that it lacked the right amount of bready toasted maltiness (I'm paraphrasing but you get the idea). And I can't...
  19. B

    Is this grain okay for creating a Malt with?

    I'm trying to save money by creating my own malt. I've read online that animal feed should be O.K for brewing. Unfortunately I won't be able to inspect this grain before purchasing. But assuming the quality is okay, will this work for creating a malt? It's about $40 less then buying the same...
  20. H

    Hello, Maltster from Alberta Here to Help

    I was quite surprised to find a fair amount of misleading information on malt and malt production. Figured I would hop on and chime in where ever I can. If you guys have questions on malt production, I would like to offer my expertise and provide you home maltsters with the information that you...