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  1. BandonBrewingCo

    Bad batch of malt?

    Hi, 2 brews I've now done with the same bag of pre-crushed pilsner have come out 33% under the mark extraction wise, even though i mashed in at a low temp and always up until now hit my numbers (and have done previously with 95% pilsner malt). It's from the same crowd as usual and the crush...
  2. zgardener

    How Can I Decrease Maltiness Without Lowering Gravity?

    A few weeks ago I brewed a great APA, here's the recipe 6lbs Light LME 5.5lbs Pale Ale Malt .25lb Carapils 1.5lb Crystal Malt 20L .5lbs Rye .25 Oz Brewers Gold 60 min .25 Oz Brewers Gold 45 min .25 Oz Brewers Gold 30 min .25 Oz Glacier 30 min .25 Oz Glacier 15 min .25 Oz Glacier...
  3. oneawesomeguy

    Adding Extract at the End of the Boil?

    I have been hearing on here that I should add malt extract at the end of the boil (at around 15 min to sterilize). I am confused by this as most videos and information I have read have always said to add the malt extract right at the beginning of the boil (right after steeping any specialty...
  4. SteinBrew

    CaraPils/Dextrin Malt - How much to use?

    I have a quick question: When using CaraPils/Dextrin malt in a 10-gallon batch of all-grain ale, what percentage of the grain bill should be allotted? Side notes: - I am using this malt strictly for increased foam, head retention, and enhanced mouthfeel. - I am under the impression that...