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  1. hamburglerv1

    Whitelabs WLP802 Czech Budejovice

    I was curious of how many generations WLP802 has been taken without failure? I’ve currently got a nice, big pitch in a Czech 10° Pilsner, and was planning on using the slurry for two more beers. It got me thinking how many beers can I actually swing from the original pitch of yeast. Thank you!
  2. C

    Beer came out wrong

    I just tapped my corny keg of lager and it came out all muddy and it tastes weird. I used the craft a brew light lager 5 gallon kit, which I’ve bottled before and it came out great. The beer looked good when I transferred it from the fermenter to the keg a week ago. I set it to 10 psi and last I...
  3. F


    Hello Everyone, I don't post much so thought I would get your thoughts on an Experiment I am doing on a Hop House 13 inspired IPL (If thats even a thing). Please forgive the Celsius and Fahrenheit deviations, my system runs on Celsius and my cooler runs on Fahrenheit. Grain Bill: 3 KG...
  4. Rfox2014

    Signs of Lager Fermentation? Or…

    Hey ya’ll, within the last couple hours a thin white head has formed which doesn’t appear bubbly or web-like. Does anyone have experience on what beginning phases of a lager fermentation looks like? This is my first lager brew (i’ve done many ales) and only my second brew in this clear...
  5. eric19312

    Yeast options for larger (half barrel or more) homebrew lager batches

    I'm wanting to get into lagers and struggling with how to manage yeast requirements. My standard scale is 17 gallons into fermenter. Focusing for now on worts in the 1.046-1.052 range. Prefer not to warm ferment or pressure ferment at this time. I'd like to use liquid yeast. Calculators...
  6. cztrollolcz

    Making my own BIAB recipe

    Hello there, I am pretty new to brewing and have tried a few kits (which used extracts), but wanted to move on and try making something thats my own and fits my style a bit better - I am going for a czech lager, but more on the bitter side and with higher abv than is "usual" (just for the record...
  7. S

    Small Batch Lagering Equipment

    I’m still cutting my teeth on ales, but hope to take a crack at a lager at some point in the near future. What recommendations do you all have for an economical lagering environment? I was considering purchasing a mini-fridge to do 1 gallon batches in, but wanted to see what others may have used.
  8. T.Sildve

    Hi from Midcoast Maine

    Hey Folks :) Yeast friend and Fermenter here from Midcoast Maine. Stoked to be here to learn and contribute to this radical community. I have been working in Beer production for the last 10 years and have recently decided to take off the brew boots for a hot minute and learn to weld. After...
  9. olie

    Do you lager carbonated or uncarbonated?

    [NOTE: I tried tagging this on to a seemingly-related ancient thread, but didn't get any traction...] Do y'all lager carbonated or uncarbonated beer? That is, do you (i) keg, carbonate, lager (or (ia) carbonate, keg, lager) or (ii) keg, lager, carbonate? That is: Is the beer carbonated during...
  10. GalileoFarms&Brewing

    Kveik Dunkel?

    Kveik Dunkel? Hey, I'm quite curious your predictions as to how this will turn out: Dark Munich | 10 | lbs Light Munic | 5 | lbs Carafa Special II | .5| lbs Northern Brewer| 1 | oz IYA43 Loki Kveik| 1| pckg
  11. J

    100% Malted Corn Lager, Double Decoction Mash

    Pain. Pure unadulterated pain, incarnated in a hellish nineteen hour brewday, of which remains engraved in my woeful mind, desolated in a mist of agony. So yea, pretty interesting brewday. Me and friend decided to have a discussion on what would be the absolute hardest thing we could brew, and...
  12. NathanYearout

    Slow or stuck fermentation?

    Hello, this is my first time going for a pilsner and I've never done a cool fermentation before in a fridge. Chose a popular Urquell clone on Brewfather and made the wort like usual and nearly everything went according to plan, it took a a while to chill the wort but nothing major. Hit...
  13. N

    Brewing a Festbier for Oktoberfest, is it too soon?

    I am brewing a festbier, which is a lightly hopped light lager, maybe 15 IBU. Brewed it 2 weeks ago and it has fermented down from 1.055 down to 1.010 using WLP 800. It is currently doing the Diacetyl rest before lagering. Things are going smoothly so far but looking ahead, I am wondering that...
  14. J

    First Marzen

    Haven’t really brewed for a good 6 months but I’m trying to get a recipe for a good Marzen. I plan to do a decoction, and have a 3 vessel AG set up with 2 whirlpool pumps and a counterflow chiller. I have a pretty good idea of the steps involved ( I’ve done a couple pilsners already) as far as...
  15. B

    Diacetyl rest can’t achieve proper temperature

    I recently brewed a German Pilsner with a large starter of WLP830. Everything is going swimmingly fermenting at 50F. When FG reached 1.016, I turned off my glycol and started to let temperature rise for a diacetyl rest… Problem is temperature in my garage doesn’t get above 57F. I’m fermenting...
  16. C

    Lagering in the bottle

    Hello. I have a question. Lets say I brew a Kolsch which is fermented cool with ale yeast and then lagered. This beer is usually lagered in bulk, dropping the temperature of the whole fermenter once the beer is fully attenuated and have had an diacetyl rest. And packaging after that. Would...
  17. BryanEBIAB

    Storing Used Lager Yeast

    I’ve been trying my hand at the “continuous use” method of refilling my uncleaned fermenter immediately after emptying it (loving it!). My problem is my fermentation temperature control still needs work so as summer warms up, I want insurance in case my yeast get stressed and I didn’t want to...
  18. mccamich

    Diacetyl Rest then rack, or rack then diacetyl rest?

    Primary fermentation is complete on my Oktoberfest. Going to diacetyl rest for 3 days before I lager it. Should I do the diacetyl rest for 3 days in the primary fermenter, then rack it, and lager it? Or, should I rack it to the carboy, diacetyl rest for 3 days in the secondary fermenter, and...
  19. S

    Sierra Nevada’s “Skiesta” Clone??

    Anyone attempted a clone of SN’s Bavarian Lager “Skiesta”? It’s one of my favorite beers by them but it’s all but vanished this year. Wondering if anyone produced a recipe close to it? Sierra’s site claims they used: - Pilsner, Acid, Munich, Biscuit malts - Magnum, Spalt, Tradition hops -...
  20. rutheyrocks

    New to Homebrew!!

    Hello!!! I'm new to home brewing and this community... j I got a little excited and was totally bitten by the beer brewing bug after my first batch of IPA turned out brilliantly (it was a kit!). I think a bit of false confidence got to me, so I decided to go kit free and am now attempting to...