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  1. olie

    Do you lager carbonated or uncarbonated?

    [NOTE: I tried tagging this on to a seemingly-related ancient thread, but didn't get any traction...] Do y'all lager carbonated or uncarbonated beer? That is, do you (i) keg, carbonate, lager (or (ia) carbonate, keg, lager) or (ii) keg, lager, carbonate? That is: Is the beer carbonated during...
  2. GalileoFarms&Brewing

    Kveik Dunkel?

    Kveik Dunkel? Hey, I'm quite curious your predictions as to how this will turn out: Dark Munich | 10 | lbs Light Munic | 5 | lbs Carafa Special II | .5| lbs Northern Brewer| 1 | oz IYA43 Loki Kveik| 1| pckg
  3. J

    100% Malted Corn Lager, Double Decoction Mash

    Pain. Pure unadulterated pain, incarnated in a hellish nineteen hour brewday, of which remains engraved in my woeful mind, desolated in a mist of agony. So yea, pretty interesting brewday. Me and friend decided to have a discussion on what would be the absolute hardest thing we could brew, and...
  4. NathanYearout

    Slow or stuck fermentation?

    Hello, this is my first time going for a pilsner and I've never done a cool fermentation before in a fridge. Chose a popular Urquell clone on Brewfather and made the wort like usual and nearly everything went according to plan, it took a a while to chill the wort but nothing major. Hit...
  5. N

    Brewing a Festbier for Oktoberfest, is it too soon?

    I am brewing a festbier, which is a lightly hopped light lager, maybe 15 IBU. Brewed it 2 weeks ago and it has fermented down from 1.055 down to 1.010 using WLP 800. It is currently doing the Diacetyl rest before lagering. Things are going smoothly so far but looking ahead, I am wondering that...
  6. J

    First Marzen

    Haven’t really brewed for a good 6 months but I’m trying to get a recipe for a good Marzen. I plan to do a decoction, and have a 3 vessel AG set up with 2 whirlpool pumps and a counterflow chiller. I have a pretty good idea of the steps involved ( I’ve done a couple pilsners already) as far as...
  7. B

    Diacetyl rest can’t achieve proper temperature

    I recently brewed a German Pilsner with a large starter of WLP830. Everything is going swimmingly fermenting at 50F. When FG reached 1.016, I turned off my glycol and started to let temperature rise for a diacetyl rest… Problem is temperature in my garage doesn’t get above 57F. I’m fermenting...
  8. C

    Lagering in the bottle

    Hello. I have a question. Lets say I brew a Kolsch which is fermented cool with ale yeast and then lagered. This beer is usually lagered in bulk, dropping the temperature of the whole fermenter once the beer is fully attenuated and have had an diacetyl rest. And packaging after that. Would...
  9. BryanEBIAB

    Storing Used Lager Yeast

    I’ve been trying my hand at the “continuous use” method of refilling my uncleaned fermenter immediately after emptying it (loving it!). My problem is my fermentation temperature control still needs work so as summer warms up, I want insurance in case my yeast get stressed and I didn’t want to...
  10. mccamich

    Diacetyl Rest then rack, or rack then diacetyl rest?

    Primary fermentation is complete on my Oktoberfest. Going to diacetyl rest for 3 days before I lager it. Should I do the diacetyl rest for 3 days in the primary fermenter, then rack it, and lager it? Or, should I rack it to the carboy, diacetyl rest for 3 days in the secondary fermenter, and...
  11. S

    Sierra Nevada’s “Skiesta” Clone??

    Anyone attempted a clone of SN’s Bavarian Lager “Skiesta”? It’s one of my favorite beers by them but it’s all but vanished this year. Wondering if anyone produced a recipe close to it? Sierra’s site claims they used: - Pilsner, Acid, Munich, Biscuit malts - Magnum, Spalt, Tradition hops -...
  12. rutheyrocks

    New to Homebrew!!

    Hello!!! I'm new to home brewing and this community... j I got a little excited and was totally bitten by the beer brewing bug after my first batch of IPA turned out brilliantly (it was a kit!). I think a bit of false confidence got to me, so I decided to go kit free and am now attempting to...
  13. marlinmatt

    Ranco temp controller 21100

    2 stage controller. Runs any fridge independent of it's thermostat. Great for lager, or controlled fermentation. Completely ready, wiring installed. Just plug and play. Wiring alone ran $30 $60.00 +15 to ship, if needed
  14. I

    Coopers lager is yeasty, fizzy with no head

    Hi, My first coopers lager batch went perfectly well however this time it did not. I did exactly the same as the instructions told me for the first kit however this time I used the brew enhancer 3 instead of 2. I also used half a teaspoon of sugar for each bottle instead of 2 carbonation drops...
  15. I

    2nd Coopers homebrew gone wrong

    Hi, After my first successful homebrew of the Coopers Lager kit, I decided to do another batch. However even after 6 months in bottles my beer has just turned out very fizzy with no head whatsoever and a yeasty taste and has not got better over time at all. I am very confused as to why as I...
  16. LickingGoatBrothersBrewin

    Water adjusment double check.

    I've only brewed twice at my new (new to me) home which has ground well water. The first batch was a beautiful amber Kellerbier recipe I learned to make while living in Germany. It turned out great for the most part, but was a bit more malt forward than I expected, and almost flat tasting...
  17. TandemTails

    Helles Bock Extremely Crushable Maibock

    Even though this was the 94th batch I've brewed to-date, it was my first attempt at a lager. Maibock's aren't too common of a style to see, at least around here, but they're extremely refreshing. The slightly higher ABV (mine clocked in at 6.8%) of this brew is great for May when it can be...
  18. F

    Lager 101: What You Need to Know Before Making Lagers

    The term “lager”, like many brewing terms, comes from our German Brewing Brethren. It means “storeroom” or “warehouse”. They key reason behind the term is that lager, unlike ale, has a longer fermentation time which leads to a “cleaner” tasting beer than ales. Because the beer is so “clean” they...
  19. W

    Making a Pseudo Lager

    What is a Pseudo Lager? For the purposes of this article it will refer to the creation of a lager-like beer with greater flexibility by using an ale yeast. Defining a Pseudo Lager beyond this can get tricky; technically ‘lager’ simply refers to an extended aging of the beer at cooler...
  20. BrewersJourney

    I attempted to Homebrew a Corona Extra Clone and well...

    Link to Homebrewing a Corona Extra Clone A while back I set out to make a Corona Extra clone and I ended up with something that was a bit different, way more alcoholic and also still somewhat decent!