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  1. C

    Lagering in the bottle

    Hello. I have a question. Lets say I brew a Kolsch which is fermented cool with ale yeast and then lagered. This beer is usually lagered in bulk, dropping the temperature of the whole fermenter once the beer is fully attenuated and have had an diacetyl rest. And packaging after that. Would...
  2. BryanEBIAB

    Storing Used Lager Yeast

    I’ve been trying my hand at the “continuous use” method of refilling my uncleaned fermenter immediately after emptying it (loving it!). My problem is my fermentation temperature control still needs work so as summer warms up, I want insurance in case my yeast get stressed and I didn’t want to...
  3. mccamich

    Diacetyl Rest then rack, or rack then diacetyl rest?

    Primary fermentation is complete on my Oktoberfest. Going to diacetyl rest for 3 days before I lager it. Should I do the diacetyl rest for 3 days in the primary fermenter, then rack it, and lager it? Or, should I rack it to the carboy, diacetyl rest for 3 days in the secondary fermenter, and...
  4. S

    Sierra Nevada’s “Skiesta” Clone??

    Anyone attempted a clone of SN’s Bavarian Lager “Skiesta”? It’s one of my favorite beers by them but it’s all but vanished this year. Wondering if anyone produced a recipe close to it? Sierra’s site claims they used: - Pilsner, Acid, Munich, Biscuit malts - Magnum, Spalt, Tradition hops -...
  5. marlinmatt

    Ranco temp controller 21100

    2 stage controller. Runs any fridge independent of it's thermostat. Great for lager, or controlled fermentation. Completely ready, wiring installed. Just plug and play. Wiring alone ran $30 $60.00 +15 to ship, if needed
  6. I

    Coopers lager is yeasty, fizzy with no head

    Hi, My first coopers lager batch went perfectly well however this time it did not. I did exactly the same as the instructions told me for the first kit however this time I used the brew enhancer 3 instead of 2. I also used half a teaspoon of sugar for each bottle instead of 2 carbonation drops...
  7. I

    2nd Coopers homebrew gone wrong

    Hi, After my first successful homebrew of the Coopers Lager kit, I decided to do another batch. However even after 6 months in bottles my beer has just turned out very fizzy with no head whatsoever and a yeasty taste and has not got better over time at all. I am very confused as to why as I...
  8. LickingGoatBrothersBrewin

    Water adjusment double check.

    I've only brewed twice at my new (new to me) home which has ground well water. The first batch was a beautiful amber Kellerbier recipe I learned to make while living in Germany. It turned out great for the most part, but was a bit more malt forward than I expected, and almost flat tasting...
  9. TandemTails

    Helles Bock Extremely Crushable Maibock

    Even though this was the 94th batch I've brewed to-date, it was my first attempt at a lager. Maibock's aren't too common of a style to see, at least around here, but they're extremely refreshing. The slightly higher ABV (mine clocked in at 6.8%) of this brew is great for May when it can be...
  10. F

    Lager 101: What You Need to Know Before Making Lagers

    The term “lager”, like many brewing terms, comes from our German Brewing Brethren. It means “storeroom” or “warehouse”. They key reason behind the term is that lager, unlike ale, has a longer fermentation time which leads to a “cleaner” tasting beer than ales. Because the beer is so “clean” they...
  11. W

    Making a Pseudo Lager

    What is a Pseudo Lager? For the purposes of this article it will refer to the creation of a lager-like beer with greater flexibility by using an ale yeast. Defining a Pseudo Lager beyond this can get tricky; technically ‘lager’ simply refers to an extended aging of the beer at cooler...
  12. BrewersJourney

    I attempted to Homebrew a Corona Extra Clone and well...

    Link to Homebrewing a Corona Extra Clone A while back I set out to make a Corona Extra clone and I ended up with something that was a bit different, way more alcoholic and also still somewhat decent!
  13. I

    Beer sometimes tastes and looks different

    Hi I have made a Coopers Lager kit and it has been bottled for over 8 weeks or so now. Sometimes the beer is perfect from this batch and has a very good head (lasting over 10 or so minutes) and not loads of fizz and doesn't taste yeasty. But most of the time there is a lot of fizz, fizzy head...
  14. Nate R

    Did i pitch too much lager yeast?

    Hey all. So i finally realized the economies of making large yeast starters and saving some. I did a 5 gallon batch of a basic pilsner. I added what is probably about a 2 to 3L starter size of wlp800. I picthed at 47, then let it rise to 54 where i am holding it. This is only my second lager...
  15. T

    Looking to brew a Pilsner... do I need to cold crash?

    Hi all, I am attempting to rekindle my home brewing hobby after a year long hiatus due to work and life in general! If I'm pulling away any positives from the current state of affairs in the world, its that it will give me more time to home-brew! I have only done about 4 brews now, so I am...
  16. BrewersJourney

    I took a homebrew classic and swapped out the yeast to see what would happen

    Link: Homebrewing a Centennial Blonde Lager One of my favourite parts about this hobby is being able to experiment and tweak recipes and variables! Has anyone else done anything similar to this classic HomeBrewTalk recipe with good results?
  17. I

    Accidentally added leftover yeast when bottling

    Hi, new brewer here. I am making a 4% coopers lager and when it came to bottling I noticed a light yellowish sort of colour (which smells pretty bad) when I reached the tap of my fermenting vessel (which I'm assuming is all the leftover yeast. Which people tend to throw out or to re-use). I...
  18. V

    4 day lag, repitch or keep going?

    I am not new to lagers ;) I usually get active fermentation in my 6.5 gal lager batches within 24 hours of pitching yeast (starter or harvested) at most. This time the lag was 4 days! Fast Ferment Test had similar 48 hours lag at room temp! So I bought fresh yeast (same as original, WLP 830)...
  19. pondskipper

    VAtober Lager

    Amount Fermentable PPG °L Bill % 6 lb Briess -Goldpils Vienna Malt 36.8 3.5 45.3% 6 lb German -Munich Light 37 6 45.3% 0.25 lb Briess -Carapils Malt...
  20. SethTheGreat

    Innis & Gunn (Scottish) Lager Clone

    If you've never tried this Scottish Lager, you're missing out. I was told that I pretty much nailed it on my first attempt by a friend who is currently going to school in Cardiff and brought a few bottles of the real stuff back with him last summer. It may not be exact, but it hits all the same...