Kveik Dunkel?

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Apr 11, 2021
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Kveik Dunkel?

Hey, I'm quite curious your predictions as to how this will turn out:

Dark Munich | 10 | lbs
Light Munic | 5 | lbs
Carafa Special II | .5| lbs
Northern Brewer| 1 | oz
IYA43 Loki Kveik| 1| pckg
I have zero temp control, unfortunately. Our house is juuuust cool enough to not warrant A/C yet. Temps fluctuate between 68 and 78...
That's perfectly fine for Kveik strains. They can ferment up to 100F but obviously are a little cleaner at cooler temps. 68-72 is the ideal range for super clean lager-like beer, but I have few friends that have fermented warmer with good success. Toss the fermenter in the basement? Should be 5-10 degrees cooler than upstairs.
A couple years ago I kegged a schwarzbier-ish brew I made with Lutra.

German Pilsner
Munich Malt
Caarafa III
Chocolate Malt

Came out good. Nice 4.5% easy drinker with no perceptible off flavors. No notes but I likely fermented in the mid 70's