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  1. Clezik Grem

    Is this a viable method to make mead?

    For mead I've heard that other fruit can be used during fermentation. When should the fruit be added? I tried adding cherries in the beginning , but I'm not sure if that could cause infection. I added some of my previous mead in beginning to provide yeast and more importantly to prevent...
  2. Z

    Infection or not?

    Pellicle or yeast rafts and proteins. The bubbles are what worry me.
  3. T

    What's on top of my Cider?

    My batch has currently been in its secondary fermentation container for the last 2 weeks and I noticed today some white material forming on the surface. I'm not too sure if this is mold or the cider is infected. Has anyone experienced this before or know what it is? Photos attached
  4. benoj

    Irish Moss Krausen - Normal or something up?

    Hi, I brewed an Amber ale on Friday and everything seemed to go okay - in-fact I finally remembered to add some Irish moss that I have had and neglected on my last 5-6 batches (used it 1 time previously). After I cooled with my IC i noticed that there was some precipitate in the wort and...
  5. S

    Has my beer got an infection? Help Please ... WLP090 over 72hrs to start

    Hi All This is my first post to this forum - I have been brewing for over 4 years. I do a lot of harvesting of yeast from starters - have made starters from my very first homebrew and have a technique where I calculate the starter volumes using Homebrew Dad's Yeast Starter calculator and...
  6. ghast

    I need help

    So as the title says, I need help. Most batches I make, end up being gushers, literal exploding-when-opening beers. As most of you might say, its not carbonation, because I use similar amounts of priming sugar on all of my batches (4-5oz of dextrose)... and those that don't become gushers end up...
  7. A

    Infected Mead? Help!

    Hello, Just joined Homebrew Talk and looking forward to being a part of the community! I'm also new to mead making and I think I've gotten myself into some trouble. The below photo is a traditional mead made with orange blossom honey and using Lalvin 71B yeast. It is two months old and it was...
  8. Kris Brew

    Am I infected?

    Hi all, I have just taken my gravity reading and all is good with that so I'm ready to dry hop. My worries is whether I am infected or not? The beer smells nice and fruity but had lots of bubbles sat on top. Really I should have taken pics before I took my sample as I broke the bubbles up but...
  9. C

    What do you see in these photos? Infection? Sediment?

    After a few months in my basement, I noticed some of my homebrew bottles had stuff floating in them. I've divided the stuff into three categories. I would really appreciate somebody telling me what I'm looking at in each of these! These bottles were new PET bottles. There was also a white mold...
  10. noiz2

    Strange cider flavor

    I have a double that tasted very nice and about two months in the keg and it developed a very apple cider flavor. Not green apple and not nasty but it tastes like cider. I'm pretty sure I could submit it as one and nobody would think I was entering a beer. Everything I have found on...
  11. dawaxfantom

    Possible Mold!! Please Help ID and Fix!

    So checked my secondary Carboy today and found something on top. At first I thought it might just be left over hops from the dry hop, but it seems to be increasing in size and abundance. Does anyone have a suggestion or solution? Thanks!
  12. jsalalala

    Infected beer bottles?

    Hello to all of you, just a quick question, i made a pilsener and i bottled it about ten days ago with priming sugar.Some bottles seems to have like a white pale curtain inside that moves as i move the bottle.Is it a possible infection or just something about carbonation or yeast?
  13. W


    First batch, is it infected? The white on the left side is camera flash. Was in primary from April 1st to May 24th, it has been in secondary since. The bubbles started popping up after putting it into secondary, not exactly sure when specifically however. I did a tasting of it when putting it...
  14. Alex Dick

    Milk Stout Gravity Stuck (4 weeks into Fermentation)

    I’m making an all-grain Left Hand Milk Stout clone and my gravity has been stuck @ 1.030 for the last 2 weeks, it’s already been fermenting for 2 weeks prior to that (4 weeks total). The recipe has the Final Gravity stationed @ 1.016, I used a different type of yeast then I usually do (I used...