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Alex Dick

Apr 16, 2018
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I’m making an all-grain Left Hand Milk Stout clone and my gravity has been stuck @ 1.030 for the last 2 weeks, it’s already been fermenting for 2 weeks prior to that (4 weeks total). The recipe has the Final Gravity stationed @ 1.016, I used a different type of yeast then I usually do (I used Lallemand London ESB English-Style), I rehydrated 2 packets and added them at the beginning of fermentation. After 2 weeks of fermenting the gravity bottomed out @ 1.034, I talked to the guys at the local brew store and they advised I add another yeast packet; I did and after 2 more weeks the gravity is stuck @ 1.030

My brother, who also brews, said not to bottle @ current gravity or else bottom bombs will likely be the outcome. Does anyone have advice on getting the gravity down closer to the target FG of 1.016??

Recipe and Brewing Method:

Original Gravity: 1.072

Starting Gravity: 1.060

Current Gravity: 1.030

Time Fermenting: 4 weeks

Temp: 68° F

Quantity: 4 gallons

7 lb - Pale Malt

.2 lb – Caramunich II Malt

.75 lb – Chocolate Malt

1 lb – Roasted Barley

.5 lb – Flaked Barley

.5 lb – Flaked Oats


1 lb – Lactose Sugar

.5 oz – Magnum Hops

1 oz – Challenger UK Hops

Mashed @ 152°F for 60 min, poured out wort and refilled 5 gal pot and mashed same grain for another 60 min. Combined 2 versions of wort and added Magnum pellets for 60 min, added Lactose @ 15 min left in boil and added Challenger pellets with 10 min left still at 152°F.

Moved to fermenter after a day of cooling, did NOT top off with water. 68° F - transferred to secondary after 10 days in primary. Added another packet of ESB yeast to secondary after initial 2 weeks, currently looking for someone to save me
The problem is the yeast. Lallemand ESB doesn't ferment maltotriose. Getting that yeast to go lower than 1.030 is hard at the best of times, without a bunch of lactose too. Hit it with some US-04 or Notty to finish it up.
It's the yeast. I'll second the recommendation for S-04 or Nottingham, heck at this point even some US-05 would help.

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