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    Hello Everyone, I don't post much so thought I would get your thoughts on an Experiment I am doing on a Hop House 13 inspired IPL (If thats even a thing). Please forgive the Celsius and Fahrenheit deviations, my system runs on Celsius and my cooler runs on Fahrenheit. Grain Bill: 3 KG...
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    Harvesting Wild Yeast

    Generally it’s nice to brew with predictable ingredients in controlled conditions. You purchase your ingredients, follow your process, pitch your yeast, and leave your beer in a temperature stable environment. After some time the yeast consumes all the sugars and leaves behind its own flavor...
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    Gelatin Fining - Cold Versus Warm

    In my last article about gelatin, I explained how it works (physically and chemically) and proved that a short boil does no harm to it, busting a common brewing myth. After multiple positive responses, I decided to do an experiment to bring more light into another commonly discussed, gelatin...
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    Do You Really Ruin Gelatin If You Boil It? Experiment Time.

    I have been brewing for some 5 years, 2 of those also as a head-brewer at a local brewery. I don’t have any official education supporting my brewing skills, I gained all of them myself, reading forums, books and articles like this, but most importantly, by experimenting. The information you get...
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    Accelerated BOMM Experiments

    Bray’s one month mead (BOMM) thread had me fascinated in accelerating fermentation as soon as I stumbled upon it at homebrew talk. The entire idea is centered around the fact that mead generally takes longer to ferment, clear, and age because the yeast are stressed to a greater degree than what...
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    Experimenting With Ingredients In Your Kitchen To Make Prepackaged Kits Unique

    Kits are a staple of the homebrewing scene. Put together by your local homebrew shop or the big online retailers, they are all-in-one boxes that give you everything you need to create beers that are time-tested and brewer-approved. Sometimes they are clones of popular craft brews, other times...