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  1. KarlKrook

    CO2 Purge for bottle condition

    Hi guys! Can’t find any good information anywhere or any good equipment besides this, which I can’t get shipped to where I live: https://www.olbrygging.no/products/co2-gun Anyone know any similar piece of equipment or DIY solution that will work with the 425g CO2 cylinders (sodastream) that...
  2. F

    Jumping into All Grain and brewing for my wedding! Would love some help with equipment decisions.

    I've been brewing extract for a couple years and since I am getting married in June, I think it's a great opportunity to finally buy my AG equipment and affordably provide an open bar for our guests. After a lot of searching online I've found Ontario Beer Kegs consistently has the lowest...
  3. WoodenLegs

    South Dakota Sabco "Brew Magic" V350MS and lots of extras - $8k

    Bought new in 2010, this Sabco system has helped create many signature recipes and started what is now Wooden Legs Brewing in Brookings, SD. The system itself has been kept in great, working condition, and includes many additional parts and extras, including a ChillWizard heat transfer...
  4. M

    Dual fuel kettle?

    For the last year or so I've been debating about getting a new brew kettle (10 gallon, to be used for 2-6 gallon batch sizes either with single-vessel BIAB or cooler MIAB), and I have gone back and forth about remaining with a propane-fired kettle or moving to an electric system. I really like...
  5. H

    Homebrew all grain equipent / Commerical Kegerator

    I have 2 converted keggles i used as HLT and BK. Converted gatorade cooler used as mash tun with false bottom. 10 gal bayou classic kettle. One unconverted quarter keg. March pump that has never been used with stainless head. Home built temp regulator for fermentation chamber. 2 cornies, ball...
  6. BarleyBeaver[BANNED]

    Fathers' Day Sales at Canuck!

    Barley simply has too many Kits, and they are drinking him out of house and home. Because of this, and Fathers' Day, he's putting a bunch of his 'Kits' on sale! From Recipe Kits To Equipment Kits So get Dad brewing this Fathers' Day!
  7. RumRiverBrewer

    Kettle Thermometer Stem-Can I cut it??

    I bought a weld less thermometer for my new kettle. The stem is 4" and will get in the way of my wort chiller. Can I cut the stem to 2"? Will it damage the thermometer?
  8. H

    Please review my plumbing schematic!

    Hi all, I am in the process of aquiring/designing my brewery. I have pretty much purchased the main components (ie, kegs as bk, mlt, hlt, and one pump), but before I start buying a lot more stuff, I want to make sure I know what I am getting in to, and that it will work. This will be a RIMS...
  9. lizardeye

    Opinions on Grain Mills

    I'm looking at new grain mills and I was just looking for opinions as to the quality and ease of use of the Monster Mill, Crankandstein and Grain Crusher. All three are relatively pricey, and I just want to get the most for my money. Discuss>
  10. H

    Safe to use water heater supply lines?

    I am plumbing my first setup: keggle > march pump > plate chiller > cornie. I was wondering, it is okay to use water heater supply line for the hoses between the keggle > pump and the pump > chiller? I know some types of hoses can cause off flavors/odors, and some are just flat out not okay to...