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All grain set up

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Jul 1, 2010
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i have a pretty basic all grain set up. 2 converted keggles, one converted gatorade cooler to mashtun. brand new march pump. Couple of cornies and a bunch of odds and ends. Located in Allentown Pa. Would prefer not to ship and would like to sell as a whole.

looking to get like 500. Im not stopping brewing, just a pain to take everything out when i want to do it, figure ill look into those all in one guys to get my fix.

I also have a commercial BevAir that I was fixing it up. its a 4 tap t column kegerator/cooler. It turns on, does not keep temp. Probably needs a shot of coolant. Takes r134a. Needs to be relined and needs a CO2 tank. Ill throw that in for another 150.

Contact me here or my email, [email protected]

thanks guysIMG_1241.jpg IMG_1242.jpg