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  1. neovalk

    Hidromel com "dry-hopping" de erva-mate, alguém já fez?

    Olá pessoal! Primeiramente, desculpem se não pode postar sobre hidromel aqui. Vejo que mais se fala em cerveja no fórum brasileiro, apesar do internacional ter de tudo. Anos atrás eu fiz um hidromel "tradicional" e coloquei um pouco de erva mate tostada seca (chá mate Leão) em uma garrafa já...
  2. mccamich

    Dry hopping with wild hops

    I picked some wild hops this past summer form my friend's backyard. I don't know the variety. I got about 8 ounces or so. I ziploc baggied them, rolled them out, and threw them in the freezer until I wanted to use them. Now I want to use them to dry hop an IPA I made. Some questions... 1...
  3. azbirazbira

    Dry hop on day 5 of fermentation

    Hello everyone. I am joining from Turkey. I've been making whole grain beer for many years. But I see myself at the beginning of the road. Because I have so much to learn. :) Now I want to ask you about one of them. I brewed a smash beer from my own grown cascade hops and poured it into the...
  4. Stephen Perry

    Dry hopping temp

    I have scoured the internet and the forums. I'm trying to figure out, what is the best dry hopping temps? In my current situation, I have a hazy NEIPA going, and I'm trying to make sure I extract all of the best citrus notes, flavors, and aromas that I can. 1 site says cold crashing temps around...
  5. D

    This accident taught me how to dry hop under pressure safe

  6. Schlenkerla

    LOB Alternative To Dry Hopping: Making A Hop Tea or DIY Hop Extract.

    I have thought about this for awhile. -Today I posted this in few places but I think this this is worth a separate thread. - Anyhow, I recall reading an article in BYO about using a French Coffee Press for adding hop flavor. I can't find the old BYO article... Here's other sources...
  7. Squeegee

    Dry Hopping, Biotransformation, Brut

    3 gallon batcher here. I am planning on brewing a Brut IPA in the next week or so. I bought 4 oz's worth of Amarillo 9.20%, 1 oz will be at 15, 1 oz at whirpool, and 1 oz dry hopped for 4 days. Now, there is this thing called biotransformation that keeps coming up. If I add my hops in during the...
  8. J

    Dry hop creep / Diacetyl in IPA

    Hi all! Sure, this topic has been up before. Even dug deep into with scientific articles etc. Still some things aren't quite clear to me. So, a couple of hours of googling, reading articles, listen to podcasts etc. I have a good understanding of what "Hop Creep" acutally is, and why it...
  9. F

    NEIPA hops: Pellets VS Whole?

    Hi! When you guys brew NEIPA, do you use pellets or whole cones? If you want, you can specify "why" :)
  10. HerbivorousBrewer

    Not bagging any hops during boil or dry, and not cold crashing

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone doesn't bag any of their hops (including during boil and dry hopping) and also doesn't cold crash. I'm brewing my first DIPA and trying dry hopping for the first time, and I threw my hop pellets (as I normally do) directly into the brew kettle during the boil...
  11. J

    Rack to secondary after dry hopping?

    I just dry-hopped my second batch of beer and discovered that my new capper won't arrive for possibly more than 10 days (I'm in the Philippines). I don't want the beer (Dead Ringer IPA kit) to sit with the hops that long. Could I give the dry hops four days or so and then rack to a secondary...
  12. F

    Dry hopping techniques

    Hi! I am going to brew my first NEIPA soon and I have just bought me a keg. General, I have had a lot of oxidation problems when bottling my IPAs so I am hoping the keg will help me in this situation. One question I have is if you guys have seen some problem with oxidation with different dry...
  13. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Dry Hopping Question

    Hi all, I missread the recipe for the neipa that am making and I dry hopped at day 3 instead of only for 3 days. I'm now on day for and was planning to dry hop again on Friday. My question is, when I dry hop the new bag should I fish out the old one? I'm using citra, Galaxy and mosaic hops...
  14. M

    Good recipe for using Chinook hops?

    Okay brewers, here's the deal. I've got a ton of freshly picked Chinook hops, as well as some frozen hops from last year. I'm looking for a good recipe to use them in. It would be cool to do some dry hopping in the secondary as well. I have pretty much exclusively been brewing Belgian Tripel...
  15. B

    Dry Hop Genius?

    I feel like I just had either a brilliant idea, or a completely idiotic idea: I have had problems with dry hopped beers clogging up my beer lines when I keg. But it always clogs at the poppet. Is there any reason to install a poppet in the line out fitting? This would let me cold crash in the...
  16. J

    Kölsch Dry Hop

    I am planning to brew my fourth batch this weekend. I will be making a Kölsch but I plan on dry hopping it. Any suggestions on what hop I should use? Has anyone had success dry hopping a Kölsch before?
  17. H

    First Time Dry Hopping - What Went Wrong?

    Hi All, I've been attempting to make a 'punk ipa' rip off and have been following the official Brew Dog 'DIY Dog' steps for getting the right amount of hops. I've been using extract and during the boil I added hops at the start, middle and 10 minutes prior to flame-out. I then fermented the...
  18. K

    maximizing dry hop impact

    Hi everyone, I just ordered 4 pounds of hops (Amarillo, Mosaic, Citra, Kohatu) and I am thinking about making a very hop forward style such as a NEIPA. So this is my recipe so far: Batch size - 5.5 gallons Malt: Marris Otter - 6.5 lbs Vienna - 2 lbs Wheat - 2 lbs Flaked Barley - 10 oz Munich...
  19. K

    maximizing dry hop impact

    sorry I moved this thread to general brewing discussion (:
  20. V

    Dry Hop Sanitization

    I looked around a bit and was reading that yes the dry hop bag should be sanitized but what about pre-package ones? In my case the pellets are sealed in the bag already and I’m not sure if it’s ok to spray the whole bag, hops included with starsans or if I need to find a way to break it open...