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  1. N

    About to brew my own recipe for the first time, help me avoid an obvious mistake?

    I'm currently designing my first recipe for next weekend and I'd like some feedback as I'm sure I should probably make some tweaks. I'm specifically looking for feedback on the grainbill, and the relative amounts of each grain. For instance, I'd like to include more chocolate malt but I was told...
  2. P

    New from Oregon (long-time lurker)

    Hello, I'm a new member on the forum, but I've been brewing for about a year, now - if you don't count my apple wine adventures as an adolescent - and just got my first three carboys a few days ago. No more buckets! :ban: I started my most-recent batch of something reminiscent of ginger-beer...
  3. B

    Coffee! How, When, Amounts?

    First time using coffee: Question at the bottom, but first here is the recipe: Fermentables: 70% Maris Otter 10% Brown Malt 10% Flaked Oats 5% Pale Chocolate 5% Roast Barley Hops: 60 min: 28 IBUS of Target 5 min: 4 IBUS of EKG Yeast: Imperial A09 Pub Target OG: 1.060 Target FG: 1.013-.015...
  4. W

    Coffee Infusion

    I plan on making my take on Potosi Brewings - Border War. its a bourbon barrel coffee stout. I've got all the ingredients I plan on using, except my coffee. 2 things I'm not sure of... 1. How Much coffee to use 2. Ground or bean coffee I've got an idea of the type I want to use, but am open to...
  5. pshankstar

    Another Mystery Coffee Bean Exchange!

    It's been long overdue to have another mystery bean coffee swap! Who's in for another round? The info below is copied and pasted from the last round earlier this year. I'm tagging some players from the last exchange along with others. If I forgot anyone I do apologize, it's nothing personal...
  6. fardy

    Cacao Nibs and Coffee Beans Addition

    Hey guys, I brewed a White Stout last week and the recipe calls for cacao nibs and whole coffee beans addition after fermentation. I'm trying to skip the secondary part and I'm wondering how I can achieve this. Option #1 Adding nibs and coffee beans directly into primary after fermentation...
  7. lorne17

    Best way to add 4oz ground Hazelnut coffee to Brown Ale without contamination?

    Hello all, I have 5 gallons of a Brown that is in the primary and ready to switch to secondary. However, I plan to add some hazelnut coffee to it. The catch is, it is already ground and it is only 4oz of ground coffee. How do you recommend I add this to secondary without risking...
  8. jordo_99

    Coco Mocho (Empyrean Brewing Co) Clone attempt

    I won't go into the long back-story...I'll just say this is a beer that's rarely available via "whim rotation" and my wife and I absolutely love it, so I want to try and brew a very similar beer and hopefully get a clone recipe eventually. This is the info from their website that I used to...
  9. ca_baracus

    Coffee Oatmeal Stout Critique

    Hey all - here's what I'm thinking. Any tips would be appreciated. Going by the Mad Fermentationist regarding coffee addition: All Grain (5.5 gal) OG: 1.064 IBU: 40.4 SRM: 32.1 ABV: 6.4% 9lbs 8 oz - Marris Otter 2lbs - Flaked Oats 1lb - Chocolate Malt 8oz - Roasted Barley 8oz - Crystal 80L...
  10. ghast

    Coffee Blonde Ale recipe... thoughts?

    I was thinking on making a coffee ale and this is what I came up with... Boil: 7gal Batch: 5gal Mash: 8lbs 2-row malt 4lbs Pale ale 2lbs Crystal 40L Hops: 0.5oz Chinook @60 (I dont want it too bitter) 0.5oz Chinook @10 1oz Crystal @Whirlpool +1 whirlfloc Then dry hop 2oz of crystal in the...
  11. rhys333

    American Amber Ale Fast Amber, Ragin' Red

    FAST AMBER, RAGIN' RED 76.75% 2 Row - 7.5 lbs 9% Victory - 14 oz 9% C60 (or C40) - 14 oz 4% Flaked barley - 6 oz 1.25% 550L UK Roasted barley - 1.9 oz 0.5 oz Centennial (7.5 aa) @ 60. Adjust to suit your alpha acids! 1 oz Centennial @ 15 & 0 WY 1187 Ringwood The name pretty much describes what...
  12. J

    Wake and Hop Coffee IPA (Rogue Cold Brew IPA clone)

    So, this has been a project of mine for some time - I spent some time attempting to "reverse-engineer" Rogue's proprietary hop varieties they mention in their recipe for Cold Brew IPA...
  13. Gabriel Chevalier

    Brewing with Coffee

    I read up a bit on the many forms of brewing with coffee e.g. stouts, porters, cream ales, even IPAs. But I'd like to ask what techniques, ingredients, etc. you all would think is best if I'm trying to capture the most natural coffee flavors. I can think of brewing something using very lightly...
  14. passedpawn

    ☕ Coffee ☕: Ingredients, Roasting, Grinding, Brewing, and Tasting

    I'm a coffee addict, and I bet a lot of other members here are also. I LOVE a rich cup of coffee. I was just thinking how much similar the art of coffee and beer are. Buying raw ingredients, roasting, milling, sparging, tasting... pretty close to what we are doing with our beer obsession...
  15. Z

    Coffee Percolater

    I have an old 4 gallon, aluminum, percolater. Could it be used to make an all-grain beer? I have only seen one article with the concern or the temps being too high. The basket seems to be large enough for almost 3 quarts of grain.:confused: