Cacao Nibs and Coffee Beans Addition

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Aug 29, 2009
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Montreal, Qc
Hey guys,

I brewed a White Stout last week and the recipe calls for cacao nibs and whole coffee beans addition after fermentation.

I'm trying to skip the secondary part and I'm wondering how I can achieve this.

Option #1
Adding nibs and coffee beans directly into primary after fermentation is complete

- Will this have a negative effect on the bear ?
- Will I be able to extract all the chocolate and coffee flavors / aromas with this method ?

Option #2
Adding the nibs and coffee beans in keg using hop bags

- Once again, will having less contact with the beer (because of hop bags) will affect flavors / aromas ?

Option #3
Stop being stubborn and do my additions to a secondary vessels as this is the way to go ?

Thanks for your advises.
Just throw it in the fermenter, no need for a secondary. When the time is up, just rack to your keg. Another option is to prepare a tincture with those things, and that could be added to the kegs, to taste.
+ 1 on Skip secondary . I did a choc milk stout. I soaked my nibs for 7 days. Then I boiled a muslin bag and poured the tincture in . Then I carefully put the bag into the fermenter and poured the liquid from the tincture without splashing. Purge with co2 and let it sit for 2 weeks.
Thanks guys. I added the cacao nibs directly to my primary and will do the same with my coffee beans.

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