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  1. J

    Priming Basics

    I need some practical advice for priming and bottle conditioning my beer. Here's what I've done so far... My first batch was a pale ale and it went well. I added priming solution to the bottling bucket, racked, and bottled. I had a good head and a was very drinkable first beer within only 6...
  2. G

    Bottle Conditioning Failure

    Hey All, Bottled my first 5gal batch a few weeks back and attempted some bottle conditioning of half. My PET bottles told me what I already knew when I cracked a sparkling version after 2 or 3 weeks...still still. Curious what I did wrong. I'll list what I think are pertinent details: -OG...
  3. Deckers_Beers

    Bottle conditioning - carbed but has green apple off-flavor?

    I have a fully-carbed pale that I bottled about 1.5 months ago, & the green apple taste is pretty strong, to the point that it's almost cider-y on the end. It fermented for a full 3 weeks, had a stable FG of ~1.010 for a week, & my sample at bottling time tasted amazing, so the green apple isn't...
  4. J

    Brew Like a Monk and Temperature for Bottle Conditioning

    Brew Like a Monk suggests that most (all?) traditional Belgian beer producers user a period of conditioning in a warm room (~2 weeks at ~75-80 degrees)...What is the benefit of the warm aging? Is that to reduce time to carbonation, or does it affect flavor/head/carbonation? I'm curious what...
  5. W

    Bottling a berliner weisse

    Yesterday, I brewed a Berliner Weisse recipe I got from a friend, and this morning, it hit me: how am I going to bottle this thing? The friend who gave me the recipe kegs and force carbonates his beer, but I have no such equipment. The problem I see with bottling: lacto makes acid. Acid kills...
  6. D

    Long Term Bottle Seal

    So my friend and I just made our first batch of beer a couple weeks ago. Today, she told me she's pregnant (not mine). Is there a way that we can seal the bottle so that the beer inside doesn't go bad, or is there a way that we can at least find a way to preserve the beer? We have a Kolsch...