Can I pasteurize or sulfite a bottle-conditioned hopped drink?

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Sep 5, 2017
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Hong Kong
I dry-hopped a batch of mead, but the fermenter had way too much headspace. I only dry-hopped for a day and a half, then mixed with extra sugars and fresh yeast and bottled. There is way too much oxygen in the mead. This stuff will have little shelf life.

I can feel carbonation after 18 hours, so I ought to stop it within a few days or a week. I've been told that home-style pasteurization is quite bad for hops, and sulfites won't stop an active fermentation.

My choices are:
  1. Add as much sulfites as I can without ruining the taste.
  2. Pasteurize as fast as I can, then transfer to ice water.
  3. Open each bottle and top them off with water and add enough sulfites to absorb oxygen, then pasteurize and hope the hops don't go bad because there will be little dissolved oxygen.
Which is likely to work? Which is likely to cause bad flavors?

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