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  1. B

    Bottling CO² Vol limits theory

    The reboot is never as good as the original. And I know this has been asked so many times. I'm here for a discussion about the following. I kind of wish this subject had previously received a definitive answer to the question. (I think it's important to say I'm in the UK and have access to...
  2. S

    Canning to avoid bottle bombs

    Hi, I would like to carbonate up to 5 volumes of CO2 but the bottles available in my country can only support up to 3 volumes of CO2. The thing is I cannot see how that is a proper measure of a bottle's resistance if they don't mention the temperature of those 3 volumes. For example: By looking...
  3. G

    Brewing Safety

    Brewing is a relatively safe hobby, but there are some aspects that can be hazardous, and these are not always obvious. Not long ago, I started a HomeBrewTalk thread called "Eye-Catching Safety Tips" with some hazards I was aware of. Other posters added some additional items. In this article...
  4. Jebu1788

    330ml Belgian bottle max CO2 pressure

    Hi. I just bottled a Belgian dubbel, and used enough sugar to get to about 3.0 volumes I believe, but may be a bit above (or below) that. I used primarily 330ml bottles from Belgium (St. Bernardus, Rochefort, etc.). Anyone know how much pressure they can hold? Any reason to worry about bombs?
  5. piojo

    Can I pasteurize or sulfite a bottle-conditioned hopped drink?

    I dry-hopped a batch of mead, but the fermenter had way too much headspace. I only dry-hopped for a day and a half, then mixed with extra sugars and fresh yeast and bottled. There is way too much oxygen in the mead. This stuff will have little shelf life. I can feel carbonation after 18 hours...
  6. Alex Dick

    Milk Stout Gravity Stuck (4 weeks into Fermentation)

    I’m making an all-grain Left Hand Milk Stout clone and my gravity has been stuck @ 1.030 for the last 2 weeks, it’s already been fermenting for 2 weeks prior to that (4 weeks total). The recipe has the Final Gravity stationed @ 1.016, I used a different type of yeast then I usually do (I used...
  7. Tpost704

    Did I add too much priming sugar?

    I just bottled 5 gallons of hefeweizen yesterday. Fermented for 15 days at around 68 degrees. I used an online priming sugar calculator to calculate how much I needed. I ended up going with 6.3 oz of corn sugar to bring 5 gallons to a co2 volume of 3.3. Looking back, I'm thinking this may have...
  8. T

    Calm my nerves - bottled with high fg

    So I brewed my first batch, an amber ale extract kit (recipe below). I didn't have a hydrometer on brew day so I don't know the exact OG, but I'd expect it to be around the predicted 1.045. I had it in primary for 26 days and decided to bottle on Sunday. I admit a rookie mistake expecting...
  9. Byrdbrewer

    Priming question

    I have a batch of Amarillo Pala Ale that I will be bottling this week end and for whatever reason ( I probably forgot to check it when I added my 1 gal of water to the bucket) the batch is about 1 – 1 ½ below the 5 gal mark on my bucket. I store my bottles in the corner of my living room with...
  10. Byrdbrewer

    Bottle bombs

    In regards to bottle bombs, Can anyone tell me if there is typical time in which you can be certain your bottles are no longer at risk of exploding? If they are going to explode, is there typically a time frame in which you can expect it to happen. I just bottled a big ben pale ale, and...
  11. D

    Will my bottles explode?

    I made a westy 12 clone that I allowed to ferment a month in the primary and lagered it for two months. OG was 1.099 and predicted FG was ~1.025. However, as I prepared to bottle it I measured the FG and it was 1.042. The fermentation had gotten stuck before and I had restarted it by racking...