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  1. R

    For Sale Los Angeles/Pasadena, CA Area - Wine Tabletop/Floor Corker, Bottle Tree, and 144 Bottle Wine Rack

    Hello! I am selling some homebrew/winemaking equipment for bottling and storage that I no longer need. All items have been previously used but are in excellent condition. Willing to sell all three items as a set for $150, or individually for the prices listed below. If you’re in the Los Angeles...
  2. W

    First Time Beer Brewer - is this mold?

    Hey everyone, I'm an absolute novice home brewer. I bought a kit from my local grocery store and I'm trying out brewing at home for the first time. I know using a kit isn't really getting into the real nitty gritty of home brewing, but it's where I'm starting for now - baby steps. Following...
  3. hamburglerv1

    Whitelabs WLP802 Czech Budejovice

    I was curious of how many generations WLP802 has been taken without failure? I’ve currently got a nice, big pitch in a Czech 10° Pilsner, and was planning on using the slurry for two more beers. It got me thinking how many beers can I actually swing from the original pitch of yeast. Thank you!
  4. L

    New York Free - Long Neck Bottles For Home Brew - Fort Drum/Watertown, NY

    If there is anyone in the Fort Drum/Watertown NY area looking for beer bottles I have a case looking for a new home. Not looking to sell just RE-home. If interested, please send me a conversation [EDIT: Phone Number removed for privacy reasons --Mod]
  5. D

    Newish brewer (new to forum)

    I’ve brewed maybe 25 batches so far. Just got my first kegerator and I finally don’t have to go out to the shed to grab a pint lol Anyways, I’m brewing up a Dos Equis clone today and hit up the forum for salt additions. Lot of useful info here hope I can contribute at some point! Cheers from...
  6. sven.vandevenne

    New member from Belgium

    Surprise surprise, a beer lover from Belgium 🙃 Hi all, my name is Sven and I live in Ghent, arguably one of the most hipster cities in our country. So making all sorts of funky stuff is in the requirements to live here :p Most of my passions in life circle around food and drinks, mainly tea...
  7. lacto

    Leaf beer?

    Can anyone advise me please. Having followed a recipe for dandelion leaf tonic beer I began to look about me and wondered if there were any other delicious beers made from leaves - I am surrounded by nettles (this I have tried and enjoyed), endives - I think some people call this chicory (an...
  8. B

    Wanted brewery stuff (lable, company logo, experiences, recipeed)

    Hey, I want to get my own lables, company logo and maybe some video consulting by a real brewer. Does anyone have some experiences with freelancer websites like fiverr? I found there many offers for comapny logos, consulting for small brewerys etc.
  9. pat_carnig

    For Sale Complete E-Herms 3 Vessel setup w/control panel (Twin Cities, MN). Everything you need to brew!

    I am selling a complete E-HERMS home brewery setup, all tri-clamp connections. Sink, table and Exhaust Fan/Hood not included. Electric Brewing Supply fully electric 30A PID control panel with 2 5500LWD heating elements and 3 temperature probes. 3 15 gallon kettles with fully custom welded...
  10. D

    Greetings from South Florida! (Miami/FL Keys)

    Hey there! Just wanted to introduce my self. I'll keep this introduction short and brief. I'm currently from the Miami/FL keys area. I've been barbacking for over a year now. Starting from the winery and a few local breweries. From what I learned is that each brewery and bar work differently...
  11. micetgroup

    Do I need a Licence to brew beer?

    Do I need a Licence to brew beer? Yes, in most countries, including the United States, a license is required to brew beer commercially. However, the specific requirements and regulations can vary depending on the country and jurisdiction. In the United States, for example, breweries are...
  12. Brettgvdp

    Room temp. vs fridge

    Hi all. This might be a stupid question, but I am new to brewing so I'd rather ask. I have bottled some Scottish Export and let in sit at room temperature for 4 days now. According to the instructions that came with, I must let it carbonate at room temp. for 4 days and then put it in the fridge...
  13. Mattyg91

    Fermentation help!

    Hi everyone, on Saturday I performed my first all grain brew. It’s a smash American pale ale, and I substituted the US – 05 yeast for Kveik. This is a 5 gallon brew. The first 24 hours brought A LOT of action. More action than I’ve ever seen from another yeast. However, less than 36 hours...
  14. I

    Had fermenter lid open for hours before adding yeast

    Hi, I added in my wort and topped it to 25l (I had to add ice cubes and wrap a wet towel around the fermenter to cool it down before adding the yeast) I had the lid open for about 5 hours as I let it cool down before adding the yeast at the correct temperature. Is this okay to do? Will it...
  15. I

    Can I make beer in fermenter whilst wet after cleaning?

    Hey, Just wondering if I am able to start making my next batch straight after cleaning with chemicals and then rinsing. So whilst the fermenter is still wet. Or do I need to wait until the fermenter is dry? Thanks!
  16. N

    UK Pub Could Face Beer Shortage This Winter

    Pubs and brewers raised the concern over beer shortage in UK this winter. Industry experts are calling for the sector to be put on a priority list for gas supplies over the coming months. The National Grid has previously warned UK homes could be left without power for three hours at a time as...
  17. M

    First days of fermentation

    So within 8 hours of fermentation I had c02 bubbles every 1 second, and through out that same day. The next day I had c02 every 2 seconds. It’s seems like it’s already starting to taper off a bit. I know it’s supposed to do that, but I just thought it would be about the same the next day if not...
  18. H

    Is this a Pellicle?

    Beginner here on my 3rd batch. It is a Single Hop IPA kit from Craft A Brew. My OG was 1.063 and FG=1.010. Fermented 2 weeks at 68°F in a plastic Nortbern Brewer bucket w/ airlock. I never opened lid until kegging day. A. Is this a pellicle? B. I will not be brewing any sour beers, so...
  19. B

    disparity between wine makers and beer makers

    I'm noticing that there's a lot more resources and conversations and clubs centered around brewing beer than making wines and mead. I mean look at this forum, there's 18 categories for beer brewing and then one each for wine and mead. Why is this? Surely the disparity between people in general...
  20. B

    Fermenting L17 imperial yeast lager help

    I need help with what I should do. Rice hull- 1/2 / .5 lbs Flaked barley - 1/4/.25lbs Corn flakes - 1 lbs Briess pale ale malt -4 lbs OG came out to 1.02 Threw 3 lbs of brown sugar into the 5gallon wort while temperatures were dropping and mixed it in. Let temperatures drop to 55 and pitched the...