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  1. V

    Cider with Autumn Olive berries

    So I’m planning my October cider batches and I just stumbled upon a shrub called Autum Olives / Autumn Berry / Silver berries. I didn’t know about these (invasive) shrubs before but I have access to one laden with edible and astringent berries. I’m thinking these might be great at adding to my...
  2. S

    Best system as upgrade from extract brewing

    I've been brewing off/on for about 7-8 years now and finally moved into a house with more space (hell yeah). I want to start doing all-grain batches and was hoping for some advice on the best (cheapest, and most versatile) all-grain method. I don't want an all-in-one system like Grainfather, but...
  3. SmokeyRydr

    Tired of HERMS, considering RIMS

    I'm not real happy with my HERMS process flow and considering switching to RIMS. I'd like your advice. Rig: I've got a good 3-vessle set of Keggles & dual pumps. my HLT has a HERMS coil installed and a 120v electric heater w/ PID control. I run the boil kettle with a gas burner and don't run...
  4. ForkJohn

    Want to make a Belgian Tripel, but don't have a way of chilling fermenter

    Hi Guys, So I was looking at brewing a Belgian Tripel, however, it seems all the instructions on fermentation require I lager the beer. Unfortunately I don't have a kegerator or any way of chilling down the temperature, unfortunately it'll likely have to stay in room temp. I plan on leaving...
  5. D

    Some Notes For The Motivated Beginner Brewer

    So you want to make some beer, huh? You might be about to, or may have already, taken the plunge and purchased some basic equipment and perhaps a beer ingredient kit. Good for you! Welcome to the world of home brewing, and to what may very well, become an all-consuming hobby. Talk to most home...
  6. D

    Questions for Homebrewer's from a College Student:

    Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Murphy, and I'm a current college student. I'm a class called Technology Entrepreneurship, in which we're tasked with creating the barebones of an actual tech startup. I've always found the craft beer industry fascinating, more specifically I've always admired...
  7. michio

    Watermelon Mead

    I made a 3 gallon watermelon mead a few weeks ago from fresh watermelon juice. cut out the inner watermelon and blended it. Strained it with a mesh strainer 3 times each in a bowl to get out the watermelon bits. The taped stopper was because the damn thing got pushed into far after I left so...
  8. B

    Small Kombucha Advice

    Hey, I've been wanting to start a small kombucha business, however I'm only experienced in making very small batches of kombucha and I need some advice on what equipment I need in order to make enough to sell at a small farmers' market. Right now for personal consumption, I use one 2 gal glass...
  9. M

    Infected or yeast pockets?

    Hello! Super new home brewer (only 3rd brew). I brewed an oatmeal stout back in around November. I moved it to the second fermentation in December. I’ve heard of most people keep stouts in longer, so I was just getting ready to bottle it and saw these bubbles on the surface. I tried looking up...
  10. Cameron Engelbrecht

    Storing Dry Yeast

    Hello! I am very new to home brewing. I recently bought dry yeast from northern brewer that is designed to be pitched in a five gallon batch. However, I am only brewing 1 gallon batches at the moment. Is there a way I can store the unused yeast after I open the package without contaminating it...
  11. R

    Unusual hops?

    Hi all I need to buy a birthday present for my Dad, who is an avid home brewer. Was thinking of getting him a selection of rare/unusual/hard-to-find/exciting hops - but I have no idea what to get. Looking at a few of his recent beers, he has used apollo, cascade, citra, cashmere, mosaic...
  12. Bryan312

    Mead advice!

    Hey all long time reader first time posting, I’ve been making wine and beer for about 3 years now and spirits for about 2 and I e been a chef for 13 years. I just got a hold of 10kilos of pasturized honey for free from the restaurant and thought I would try to make mead. However I’m not sure...
  13. W

    Transporting wort outside

    Hi guys, so I am going to brew a saison and for that i need to ferment at my place of work as i can get the desired temperature there and not at home. Due to change of plans i can no longer brew there so i am thinking of how feasible it is to brew at home and then take the wort their in the...
  14. Angus MacDonald

    Hard Pink Lemonade

    Wasn't quite sure where to stick this since it's not really a cider, beer, wine, or mead. I'm planning to make some hard pink lemonade based on a recipe I found online in a different forum from 8 years ago. Wondering if anyone had any experience/tips on making hard lemonades. I mean, it's...
  15. I

    New equipment overhall suggestions

    Whats up guys, i havnt posted in a long time but heres' my situation. My burner just died on me(hose probably clogged with bugs), my plastic carboys are going in the trash, my chiller coil that i configured myself is old and not nearly as efficient as i need, my igloo mash tun is old and needs a...
  16. D

    Equipment Checklist

    2 gallon plastic bucket 1 gallon Carboy Star San Sanitizer One Step Cleaner Premier Rouge Active Dry Yeast LD Carlson Yeast Nutrient Twin Bubble Air Lock x2 Hydrometer 3 Piece AirLock Racking Cane with Plastic Tip Tubing Thermometer (I am getting Honey from the store tonight is there anything...
  17. Burndog

    Amalgamator IPA recipe ingredients review

    Hello, I'm looking to brew/clone this beer: It's a really nice IPA with a Mosaic centric taste profile. I've found two recipes and scaled them to 6.5 gal in Beersmith which will be done via BIAB. Local water is good so not concerned about needing...
  18. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Mango American Ale Help

    Hi All, I'm planning to do a Mango Ale and i was curious as to the best way to go for this. From what I've read, it seems like there's 5 different routes i could go as far as what mango to use as well as 2 different methods for adding it. The 5 different routes i've read say to either use 1)...
  19. t-bag

    New Blog Plz Visit

    Hey all just started up a brewing blog. im looking for advice/input. Go check it out its pretty cool.