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    Illinois Free bottles St Charles IL

    Sorry all some reason I was not getting notifications and have been busy packing. I do have a few cases left. Most are bomber bottles.
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    Illinois Free bottles St Charles IL

    Sounds good to me..
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    Illinois Free bottles St Charles IL

    We are moving in the next few months and I have way to many bottles. Giving away for free. If interested I would like to give all away to one person.
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    2015 Oberon is out - Who's harvesting yeast?

    its been a week in primary starting gravity 1.056 and down to 1.010. full of krausen and smell and taste were fantastic.
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    How Important is Water to your Brewing?

    any one have a ph meter you recommend? i went to my lhbs and they all said its not worth it. anyway this is a great article..its a plus for me since both beers that were mentioned are next on my list. thanks
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    Could I go with out black patent? What impact would the flavor be without?
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    Double IPA Tits-Up Imperial IPA (3-Time Medalist - 2 Golds, 1 Silver)

    Oh yeah!! Re brew is a must! Thanks for the recipe.
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    New yeast company in Chicago (with a twist)

    just picked up your west coast ale I and your diap yeast. excited to give your product a try.
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    Irish Red Ale Raging Red Irish Red Ale

    My fourth time making this fantastic brew! I decided this time to add roasted barley and changed the hop times. And I also used 001 ale yeast for the first time. Right know I'm not enjoying the changes I had made :(
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    wilserbrewer BIAB bags

    one of many mash with biab from wilserbrewer bags. Cheers.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2015?

    3206 + 5 gallons Irish red ale = 3211
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    stuck fermentation Bavarian Weizen Yeast wlp 351

    i brewed a "oberon clone" on January 1st. mash temp held at 152 for 60min. batch sparge for 10min at 168. starting gravity 1.051 and final gravity is supposed to be at 1.012. i am stuck at 1.020. i have been sitting at 1.020 for a week now. i just moved to a warmer room to bring up the temp...
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    i use beersmith and i also use for free
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2015?

    5 gallons "oberon"clone +27= 32