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    My wife loves my new hobby (not for the beer)

    LOL I also call it downtown abbey! My GF always makes sure I know its downTON, and not about a prostitute walking the streets downtown lol.
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    turning beer into vinegar-where to get bacteria?

    i make vinegar and beer in my kitchen and have never had a spoiled batch of beer. i also make kombucha and fermented vegy's. i've got bacteria everywhere. fridge, cupboards, countertop.. lol now im obviously not splashing my vinegar bottle around while im brewing. but i don't think its that big...
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    yea it went in before the yeast. it was a kit and that was per their instructions. you can deff bottle after using it no probs.
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    Do most craft breweries use pellet hops?

    i've found using leaf increases aroma big time. ive had craft IPA's with that huge aroma and some without. but that could just be their additions timing. in my experience i'd say leaf for aroma and pellets for bittering. but this could be wrong and im sure somebody will say so. but just what...
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    False Bottom?

    i just let my wort sit for for the last 10 mins of cooling and most of the hop gunk settles to the bottom. i use a SS braided hose and its never clogged
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    Anyone here allergic to hops?

    so not kidding, it only works for people who are open minded and do not go in with a closed mind tho. getting poked with a needle so see if your body responds is also a method that works (the doctors way) but a little too intrusive and a pain in the ass in my opinion. western doctors and...
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    Astringency in every AG Batch

    could it possibly be the milling process? just thought i'd throw that out there. you guys are going crazy science on me here.
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    What is the best way to warm a two carboys fermentation

    a 100 watt light bulb would heat a fridge no prob.. beats a heat gun which sounds a bit dangerous. i would also just worry the temp of the air in your fridge instead of the temp of the fluids. keep the air temp stable and the fluids will come down eventually. the fluids take to long to respond...
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    Saving gas in a smaller batch

    pvc and alcohol don't get along. i wouldn't ruin by beer with leeched plastic chemicals to save a couple cents on CO2
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    Took the plunge with a FastFerment. Have a couple questions.

    i think they look awesome. i wash my yeast to it would make that task very simple. although one of the things i really liked doing when i started brewing was watching the beer moving around in the carboy. i'd sit there for like 20 mins just watching the yeasties stir up the whole carboy lol
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    What is the cheapest method of heating?

    propane is expensive. it adds a few $ to my brew day. but i just can't wait 1.5hours for my stove to bring 6 gals of wort to a boil. once i hit boil i turn my jet wayy down to the point its just boiling.
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    What does a case of beer cost you?

    at least 20$ canadian for the crapiest 12 pack i can find. i can brew a corny keg full and and 12 pack bottles for 16-20$ if im using harvested yeast which i do as much as possible. in soviet Canada, beer drinks you
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    Cider results? What will I get?

    i make a similar hard apple mess you up! if you keep the FG just above 1.000 it taste miles better then if you dry it out. but since you're back sweetening you will probly be good. if its too rocket fuelly i just add some juice to it when i drink. this stuff messes you up quik so be careful...
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    i used bentonite in my first ever beer in a box and it came out clear and carbed! i've never used it since. but i don't mind a hazy beer.
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    Am I screwed?

    you will be fine. in fact i bet you will see it moving today! not out of the ordinary at all.