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    Ordering yeast

    just get dry yeast if it's to far and to expensive. $5.07 total for dry yeast shipped here.
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    Ordering yeast

    to ship it one day, yes. LHBS is your yeast friend. ask them to order it
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    How to Brew by Palmer

    I would say the book should be a mandatory read to join this site. to many people pushing bad info. raise your hand if you thought copper is bad for you when used in wort? I've read it twice and have about 10 bookmarks in it.
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    Homebrewers Toolkit Review

    Nothing compares to beer smith due to it's easy of use, you'll save the money spent in the first use by how much time your saving.
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    Kegging Coopers Stout

    why not do it like this and save a reg?
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    Kegging Coopers Stout

    yes, in order for the beer to carb right you have to cool it down. it's almost impossible to carb beer at room temp. I throw out the first half a glass because that's mostly yeast
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    Kegging Coopers Stout

    1. What’s the best way to carb a stout PSI/Temp stouts then to run a little warmer and lower carbed then most. check this out, I like my stout about 40-45degs but i have found it difficult to pour above 38degs 2. What length of hose would I...
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    Did I add too much dry yeast when bottling my Pilsner?

    yes, you leave it long enough it will settle, just don't drink the last sip in the bottom of the bottal and you'll be fine.
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    temp for bulk conditioning a barley wine

    after the first 3 days you want to increase the temp, this helps the yeast clean up the beer. if you have to age your barlywine for 4+ months then something went wrong... 4-5 weeks from pitching yeast to drink should be plenty for a barlywine.
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    Reusing Harvested Yeast

    calculating harvested yeast is like counting stars. it can't be done by sight.
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    Starter question

    can you make a starter now and pitch it in a few weeks? yes will the yeast be as healthy and make as good beer as you would get from a fresh starter? no
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    Spirals in carboy

    what do you mean spirals?
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    2x dry hop= 1/2 the time

    it's more like a tea bag, you leave it in a cup for 5 mins then pull it out you get tea. if you put the same bag in for 5 mins in another cup then you get watered down tea. there are calculations you can use to find out exactly what times you need to put them in but I don't have those numbers...
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    High Gravity Stout, Grain + Extract

    lower the roasted barley to 1/2lb and send some to me :D
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    Did I just ruin 3 lbs of LME?

    i have an open bag of DME on the shelf closed with a piece of tape. no need to do all these extra steps and burn the extract or mix cleaning chemicals with it. think of it as honey, you can leave it out for years and put it on your pancakes just fine. plus your gonna boil it... most people are...