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    Very fast fermentation of (almost) all wheat beer with yeast starter of Safale WB-06

    Shouldn't be an issue. I have had batches blow off like that before and finish fermentation in two days or less and the beer came out fine. That happened once when I made a starter with some old Edme yeast.
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    Substituting yeast nutrient for yeast

    Interesting. I have gotten really good fermentations since I started using Servomyces. From this link... "It is made by saturating beer yeast with zinc and then drying it. Zinc is a missing nutrient in wort and is more readily absorbed from dead yeast cells than by adding it directly as a...
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    Well damn...what did I do wrong?

    Being in the "extreme minority" isn't an issue for me. Sometimes it is those who are in the minority and that think out of the box that are the ones who come up with the best solutions.... Well, who knows? Since we have no measurement of oxidation we are going into the realm of speculation. Is...
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    I have brewed about 10 batches of beer, last two were tangy.

    I always used my solution of one Tbsp. of unscented bleach per gallon of water to sanitize my bottles. Let them soak for 30 minutes then rinse them with a bottle washer and leave them upside down to dry. At that point I store them in a box upside down with clean paper towels on the bottom. Seal...
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    Well damn...what did I do wrong?

    Sounds good.
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    I have brewed about 10 batches of beer, last two were tangy.

    Bottling with corn sugar? You might try priming with LME instead and see if there is any difference. Just a thought. BTW, I used 1 and 1/4 C. of LME when I used to use it for priming. That as opposed to the 3/4 C. of corn sugar. I also used to sanitize my bottling bucket by using a solution of...
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    How bad did I screw up?

    In general I try to mash at 155 degrees so you were in the ballpark and there should be no problem.
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    Substituting yeast nutrient for yeast

    Yeast will actually eat dead yeast cells so yes this will probably work. In fact I believe that the White Labs Servomyces may contain dead yeast cells.
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    First brew mix up on grains

    I'm not even sure what that means...
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    Well damn...what did I do wrong?

    But once again let me remind everyone that I said that the OP should do his own research and make an informed decision for himself. Some of you seem to have completely missed that point. Instead it's immediately off to the echo chamber with zero proof of anything....
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    Well damn...what did I do wrong?

    Funny how I have been brewing for 30 years now and have never had any oxidation or infected beer but some might try to say that I am simply "lucky". I disagree. Good brewing techniques get you good beer. People who claim that my beer must be oxidized have zero proof of that yet they will still...
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    Well damn...what did I do wrong?

    LOL. And you are 100% wrong. In fact I'm certain that you have a very high threshold for putting nonsense on the internet.... I prime my kegs so any oxygen that would be left in there would get used up by the active yeast. Secondary is also done right after the head crashes on primary so any...
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    First Batch Questions

    Once it goes into the bottle it should only need about two weeks to carbonate and be ready. Since you are just starting out I would recommend going from primary to bottling. I actually go to secondary at about the three day mark, once the head crashes. I think that in general people leave their...
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    Waste minimizing hydrometer strategy?

    Just heard about this device.... The wireless Tilt hydrometer. Looks pretty damn cool.
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    Has anyone here used Styrian Bobek hops? Related to Northern Brewer. Probably why I like them so much....