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    Maine RIMs Tube

    Sold t brewster2012
  2. cooldood

    Maine RIMs Tube

    I have a 1.5 x 12 brewers hardware rims tube that has never been used. I have run water through for a test but never wort. It has a 120v heating element. Selling because I am moving and got to get rid of the "excess" stuff $100 + shioouing and it its yours
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    Anybody up for a riddle?

    A breath
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    the type of glass, and the resulting experience

    absolutely makes a difference. My wife used to laugh at me so I ran a test on her. I poured two Sam Adams meleonhead in two different glasses. One pilsner and the other a stout type. I asked her if should could pick out which beer I made. she definitely prefered one over the other. About...
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    Please delete.

    This thread is as hard to delete as Hillary's emails. Anyone got a cloth?
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    Advice on connectors/connections

    Bobby has a youtube video on how to stretch the tubing on these. Trust me sounds dumb but after wacthing it I can put one on in about 15 seconds versus the old way of 5 minutes and several objects being thrown across the room. https://youtu.be/Jq55YGcunrg
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    Men who sit to pee

    I agree 100% Not judging though
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    Dumb questions about a refrigerator

    put some salt in the hole it will melt faster
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    Dog name suggestions

    if it is a German Shepherd why not Dunkel? I was going to say Dinkelbier but that would probably just turn into bingleberry.
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    Sunday Morning

  11. cooldood

    Men who sit to pee

    I always stand to pee. I consider it marking my territory. My wife is lucky I sit bring the browns to the Superbowl. Even still sometimes that leaves a mark
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    What's your "Firing Squad" meal?

    poutine simple yes but so am I
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    Sunday Morning

    Church then test run of my new beer rig :) I really hope it doesn't leak too badly :(
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    World beer map

    Google machine says Bud is #1 in sales for CA and brewed there too.